Academic Advising

Health Sciences

Recently, the College of Arts and Sciences created another exciting major for students that will prepare them for a career in one of the fastest growing industries. This high-quality program on the Tampa campus features classroom-based instruction and a strong support staff of academic advisers to ensure student success.

The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences is the perfect combination of hard sciences, social sciences, and humanities that will prepare students for a career in allied health professions. Students have a wide range of concentrations to choose from so they can customize their education based on their interests.

This program will expose students to a variety of career opportunities such as pharmaceutical sales, clinical lab management, hospital administration and health information technology. This program is not appropriate for those who are interested in going to medical, dentistry, pharmacy or veterinary schools. The College of Arts and Sciences has a variety of degrees that are better suited for students with aspirations of attending a professional school upon graduation.

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