Academic Advising

Incoming Freshmen

The College of Arts and Sciences welcomes you to the University of South Florida! As a new student to the University and to the College, it is important that you review each of the following websites. These sites will help you understand University and College requirements as well as aid you with the College's pre-registration process and how your courses are chosen.

  1. Introduction to the College of Arts and Sciences

    This is an overview of the academic rules and policies required for completing an undergraduate degree in the College.

  2. How Your Courses are Chosen:
    Non-Science Majors or Science/Pre-Health Majors

  3. Instructions on How to Use OASIS to view or change your registration and how to search the USF schedule of classes online.

  4. If you need to change your registration schedule (this is not suggested) view the available course through the On-line USF Schedule of Classes Search.

  5. Use OASIS to view for your classes.

Please remember this information does not take the place of orientation; you must attend the entire orientation program. Again, we welcome you to the University and look forward to meeting you at orientation this summer!

DISCLAIMER: The announcements, information, policies, rules, regulation, and procedures on this website are for information only and are subject to continual review and change without notice. This page is offered by the College's Graduate and Undergraduate Office and does not replace Academic Advising or the University's Catalog. You are responsible for meeting all graduation requirements listed in the Undergraduate Catalog.