Academic Advising

Previously Attended Orientation

Returning USF Students

The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) welcomes you back to the University of South Florida! Go Bulls!
If you previously attended orientation at USF, you are not required to attend orientation a second time. USF and CAS have made changes to some of our policies and procedures over the last few years which you are responsible to learn. Below are the steps you must or are highly recommended to complete prior to your first semester back.

Declaring Your Major: Required
Incoming students declare their major at orientation. Since you did not attend an orientation this semester, your official major is not declared in the system. You must declare your major and complete the steps to officially declare your major. The process begins at item number four. Check OASIS for your designated registration appointment time. You will be able to register for classes via OASIS website once your scheduled registration appointment time has passed OASIS.

Make an Advising Appointment: Required if you were on academic probation in your last semester at USF
At orientation, incoming students have the opportunity to meet with an advisor prior to registering for classes. Since you are not attending orientation, you should make an appointment to meet with your advisor. Advisor contact information for the College is available via our website. You can schedule an appointment with your advisor via e-scheduler. To assist your advisor in planning courses for your first semester, it is suggested that you bring or have available during your appointment, a copy of your unofficial transcripts from other institutions you have attended.

Academic Probation: See Policy Update

Academic Dismissal: See Renewal Policy Update
If you left USF while still on probation and became an inactive student (no USF courses for at least 3 consecutive semesters), then you will also have to apply for reinstatement to return to USF. Although there are two possible reinstatement options, students are only eligible for reinstatement once. See Admissions Policy Update

Foundations of Knowledge and Learning (FKL): See FKL Website
The Foundations of Knowledge and Learning Core Curriculum is a program of general education courses designed to provide you with a diversity of ideas, concepts, and ways of knowing and acquiring new knowledge. It emphasizes inquiry as for the means of developing complex intellectual skills that enable you to become a critical thinker, concerned citizen, and successful professional. If you have not yet chosen a major discipline, the Core will provide you with the opportunity to explore a variety of vital areas of study, making you more aware and engaged in understanding the challenges that our global realities require.

"W" grades: See Policy Update
Effective Fall 2011, all undergraduate students will be limited to a total of five-course withdrawals while enrolled as a degree-seeking or a non-degree seeking undergraduate student at USF. The five-course withdrawals will be limited to three-course withdrawals for students with less than 60 semester credit hours, and two-course withdrawals for students with more than or equal to 60 semester credit hours.

D/F policies: See your Major's website or Advisor
Some majors have adopted a D/F policy (please check with your major advisor to see if your major follows the D/F rule), if students have received 3 D and/or F grades in USF major and supporting coursework in some majors, they will be:

  1. Removed from all major course work which they are currently registered for.
  2. Removed from their major and placed into a non-major code.
  3. Emailed the notice of the changes to their account.

The students will need to:

  1. Pick a new major
  2. Declare the new major with the appropriate college
  3. Register for new courses which apply to their new major