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John W. Holloway Endowment

The John W. Holloway Endowed Chair in Dance and Theatre provides both programs with funds on an annual basis. John W. Holloway, a TheatreUSF graduate, has systematically donated enhancement funds to build the theatre and dance programs to exceptional artistic status. The Holloway Endowed Chair has enabled theatre and dance majors to work with renowned international artists in the creation of new work and in the preparation of interdisciplinary stage productions on important contemporary subjects.


2022 Spring Dance Concert

Guest Artist in Residence Marc Brew, in collaboration with DanceUSF and Arts4All Florida (as statewide arts and disability organization) set a work, Blink, on our DanceUSF students

2021 Fall Dance Concert

Guest Artist in residence Joshua L. Peugh (Founder and Artistic Director of Dark Circles Contemporary Dance) set a new work, Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl, on our DanceUSF students

Wanjiru Kamuyu

Wanjiru Kamuyu, part of the USF Dance in Paris Program faculty (program directed by Prof Michael Foley) who also works with USF Theatre students in the Theatre in Paris Program (program directed by Prof Douglas Hall) was a guest artist in residence on the USF School of Theatre & Dance, Tampa Campus. While in Tampa, she was a part of the COTA Artist Talk speaker series in addition to teaching masterclasses in both Dance and Theatre. As a performer, Wanjiru Kamuyu has worked with major artists and performed in the Broadway musicals The Lion King (Paris) and FELA! (Equity touring production).



Musical funded by the John W. Holloway Endowment in Dance and Theatre.
Guest Artist: Music Director Jeremy Silverman


2019 Spring Dance Concert

Charles Anderson
Guest Artist in residence, set his work (Re)current Unrest: We the People on DanceUSF students.
Claudia Lavista, Delfos Danza
Guest Artist in residence, set her work Prow on DanceUSF students.


2018 Spring Dance Concert

Xiao Xiangrong, Beijing Normal University
Guest Artist in residence, created an original choreographic work Threads of Time with DanceUSF.
Alex Ketley, The Foundry
Guest Artist in residence, created an original choreographic work Ballast (Particulate Rage, Love & Recovery) with DanceUSF.

2017 Fall Dance Concert

Guest Artist in residence Robert Moses, Robert Moses’ Kin company, created an original choreographic work, CAMPS, with DanceUSF.


Sweet Charity

Musical funded by the John W. Holloway Endowment in Dance and Theatre. Guest artist: Music director Jeremy Silverman.



Henry Muttoo (Director, Cayman National Cultural Foundation)
David Bereaux (Guest actor from Trinidad)


2015 Spring Dance Concert

Alonzo King (LINES Ballet), Robert Moses’ Kin Dance Company

2014 Fall Dance Concert

Maurice Causey (Choreographer)


2014 Spring Dance Concert

Yaniv Abraham (Batsheva Dance Company)
Robert Moses (Robert Moses’ Kin Dance Company)



Andy Frye (director and choreographer)
Brett Karlin (music director)


Life of Galileo

Jack Holloway (actor)


Lisa Powers Tricomi (director)


2011 Spring Dance Concert

Choreography: Talley Beatty and Doug Varone


Serenade/The Proposition

Conceived and directed by Bill T. Jones
Choreographed by Bill T. Jones with Janet Wong and the USF cast
Reconstructed for USF School of Theatre & Dance by Leah Cox
Decor by Bjorn Amelan
Lighting design by Robert Wierzel
Video design by Janet Wong
Sound design by Sam Crawford
Costume design by Anjia Jalac and the Company with special thanks to Liz Prince


Hair: The American Tribal Love-Rock Musical

Book and lyrics by Gerome Ragni and James Rado; music by Galt McDermot
Directed and choreographed by Holloway guest artist Andy Frye


The Rocky Horror Show

Written by Richard O'Brien
Directed by USF Theatre Professor Bill Brewer
Guest choreographer Andy Frye, guest actor Michael Titone, and guest set designer Cliff Simo


2007 Spring Dance Concert

Featuring Trisha Brown's Set and Reset/Reset
Guest choreographer: Trisha Brown


2006 Fall Dance Concert

DanceUSF Presents Exhale: An Evening of Dance and Voice
Choreographer: Jannis Brenner

2006 Spring Dance Concert

Drawing The Line
Choreographer: Donna Silva


Cuban Bread

2005 Spring Dance Concert

Missa Brevis and Other Dances
Featuring Jose Limon's Missa Brevis in Tempore Belli
Choreographer: Jose Limon
Costume designer: Ming Cho Lee


2004 Fall Dance Concert

Fall DanceScapes
Choreographers: Marius Petipa, Gretchen Ward Warren, Michael Foley, Frankie Hart, Ronald K. Brown
Lighting design: John Lott
Sound design: Tim Burnaman
Costume designers: Bill Brewer, Gretchen Ward Warren, Nadia Tarr, Frank Chavez, Michael Foley


Bat Boy: The Musical

Guest artists Wayne Gallops (musical director) and Daryl Gray (choreographer).

Wayne Gallops serves on the music faculty at the University of Tampa (Tampa, Fla.) and is a candidate for the doctorate in music education at the University of South Florida. He has played piano with both local and national performers including Eddie Arnold, Chuck Mangione, and Anne Reinking’s Broadway Theatre Project.

Daryl Gray was trained in a full theatre and dance curriculum in New York City and appeared in Broadway shows and as a soloist and guest artist with dance companies in the United States and abroad, touring worldwide. His musical stagings and directing credits include: California Musical Theater, Playhouse 91 in Manhattan, Chicago Civic Theater, Coconut Grove Playhouse, Santa Fe Festival Theater, NY Gilbert & Sullivan Players, Lincoln Center and others. For the concert stage, he has choreographed over fifty works on five continents for such companies as Joffrey, ABT, Les Ballet Jazz de Montreal, Batsheva Dance Company of Israel, Royal Ballet of Belgium and others.

The Tale of Tsuru

An original Japanese story by Michiko Kondo was adapted to a play by guest artist Allison Williams. Allison Williams, along with guest artist Todd Espeland, directed this colorful play that features cultural lessons about truth and love. Williams and Espeland, of Commedia Zuppa Theatre Company, create original works using physical theatre, mask, circus and commedia dell’ arte techniques.


The Making of GONE WITH THE WIND, A Buffoon’s Tale

Written and directed by guest artists Martha Enson and Esther Edelman of the Seattle-based theatre company, UMO. The Making of GONE WITH THE WIND, A Buffoon’s Tale was an original theatre piece done in the style of European “Buffoon” Theatre.

UMO is a theatre troupe who has devoted themselves to a brand of theatre that is a heady mix of clowning and classical Greek tragedy, mime and puppetry and mask work, ritual and horseplay.



Guest artists were original cast members from the musical A Chorus Line, Thommie Walsh and Priscilla Lopez. They presented lectures and masterclasses.

“Acting a Song” with Priscilla Lopez, Tony-Award winning A Chorus Line original cast member, presented this two-hour masterclass on the techniques of performing a musical theatre song.

“Broadway Babies Grown Up” – a roundtable discussion with Priscilla Lopez and Thommie Walsh on their experiences in musical theatre.

“Dancing with Thommie Walsh” – a two-hour masterclass with two-time Tony-Award winning choreographer Thommie Walsh. Mr. Walsh taught theatre and dance students a musical theatre dance routine from his various Broadway and West End productions.


Men Dancing

Guest director Jack Parrish and guest playwright David Crespy’s residency to lecture and collaborate on the show. Men Dancing, by playwright David Crespy, focuses on a young Jewish-American artist and his family as they cope with an aging father’s contradictory past life. At the same time the son’s personal search for his own artistic voice takes him to his father’s long denied talent and passion. The more he discovers about his father, the more he learns about himself. The play deals with the timeless problems of aging and death but interweaves a 90’s emphasis on AIDS and sexual awareness.

Other guest artists include LeRoy Mitchell, Ron Sommer and guest faculty Mary Ann Bentley. Lecture/symposium with noted scholar Tess Jones, AIDS and the Arts, playwright David Crespy, and Julie Larkin, MD.



By renowned Israeli playwright Joshua Sobol, Ghetto is about a theatrical troupe in a Jewish Ghetto under Nazi control in Vilna, Lithuania during World War II. TheatreUSF in partnership with USF Institute on Aging contracted Ron Pinkovitz, one of the best young directors in Israel, to direct the play.

The purpose is to engage students, the university community, and the community at large in contemplation of and discussion about the horrific and heroic events of fifty years ago in Europe. The art of theatre can provide a public, social forum; it can move people to think, feelingly.

The play: Set in the Jewish Ghetto of Vilna, Lithuania in 1942/43, Ghetto tells of the unlikely flourishing of a theatre at the very time the Nazis began their policy of mass extermination. It is based on diaries written by Herman Kruk, director of the Grosser Library in Warsaw. He escaped in the second week of the German attack on Warsaw and reached Vilna after several weeks. His diary chronicles the darkest days of the holocaust.



Directed and choreographed by Joe Deer (TheatreUSF alumnus), Tintypes is a collage of music, politics, dance and vaudeville comedy from the turn of the century. The song and dance production tells the story of America’s turn-of-the-century immigrants and their assimilation into the melting pot of American culture.

Race: How Blacks and Whites Think and Feel About the American Obsession

Book by Studs Terkel; adapted for the stage by Jose Yglesias; directed by L. Kenneth Richardson. Race tells the stories of Black and white people in the United States and how they feel about each other. The world premiere of the stage version of Race opened at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center (now the Straz Center for the Performing Arts) to a sold-out house.