Office of the VP & CFO

Business & Finance Scholarship

Business & Finance invites its Administration and Staff employees who meet the qualifications below to apply for a Business & Finance Scholarship. These scholarships, provided by employee donations to the Faculty/Staff Scholarship Fund, help to defray some of the costs associated with going to school.

The requirements are that you:

  1. be enrolled at USF during the 2024 Summer Semester as a degree-seeking student officially admitted to USF;
  2. have a satisfactory grade point average (minimum of 3.0); *
  3. are in good standing in your Division, with a current performance appraisal rating on file of "effective" or better (if Staff), or are not on a terminal contract (if Administration).
  4. are an Administration or Staff employee in Business & Finance with permanent status (off probation);
  5. completed a minimum of 6.0 credit hours at USF in the past year.*
  6. please send a brief letter from your supervisor stating that your enrollment does not interfere with your scheduled work week.*

Please note that even if you are receiving other scholarships, you are still eligible for the Business & Finance Scholarship. Maximum Scholarship is $200 per person (final amount dependent on number of qualified applicants and available scholarship funds).

* Note: Appropriate documentation is to be provided with application by applicant.

It's easy to apply! Download the Scholarship Application and complete the bottom portion of the application and return it by the due date.