Accounting and Reporting

Contact List

Asset Management

Iris Wiggins, Fiscal and Business Analyst, 974.6025

David Christian, Property Control Specialist, 974.4952

Fax number, 974.2622


Banking Services

Noemi Merced,  Credit Card Banking Accountant, 974.4914

Jaime Roman, Depository Banking Accountant, 974.6043

Stancey Peprah, Disbursement Banking Accountant, 974.6037


Internal Accounting

Tony Alvarez, Lead Accountant– Internal Accounting Services, 974.4861

Cheryl Tanner, EFT Accountant, 974.7827

Laura Garcia Santiago, General Ledger Accountant, 974.2689


Assistant Controller - General Accounting

Cherie Carson, 974.7686