Accounting and Reporting

Payment Card Industry (PCI)

Additional Information

These documents provide detailed information about PCI standards and security protocol.

Bank Card Information

Each of the four bank cards accepted by the University of South Florida has a web site dedicated to data security standards and procedures.


This document provides definition of acronyms and terms used at USF in banking transactions.

PCI Compliance Overview

All who participate in the processing and recording of bank card transactions are required to participate in training and demonstrate their knowledge as part of the annual USF PCI certification. In order to receive credit for this course and support USF PCI Compliance, complete the Certification Quiz. Take the quiz on CANVAS; see the help document for details.

PCI Documentation and Certification Quiz

To review the PCI PowerPoint and complete the PCI Certification Quiz in Canvas, please follow the link below under PCI Certification Review & Quiz. The quiz will cover the information reviewed in the PowerPoint. If you do not successfully complete the quiz with a score of 20 out of 20 (100%), you will not be given credit for the course. You may take the quiz as often as needed to pass with 100%.