Student Accounting

Florida Prepaid Frequently Asked Questions

What fees are covered by Prepaid?

**PLEASE NOTE** - On your OASIS Account Summary all your per credit registration fees will be listed as tuition or have "tuition" as part of the description. Some of the tuition charges contain the local fees that are not covered by all Florida prepaid plans

An explanation of USF tuition and fees and which are covered by Florida Prepaid can be found here, USF Undergraduate Tuition and Fees

Please visit Florida Prepaid's website for further information on what their plans cover:

Has Prepaid applied to my account?

To view what Florida Prepaid will cover log into OASIS, select the Student Tab, then the Tuition and Fees section, and then the View Account by Term section. The Florida Prepaid estimated payment will be listed under the Memos section. Once we receive payment from Florida Prepaid the payment will be applied to your account. To determine what you need to pay before the payment is applied to your account,log onto OASIS, go to the View Account by Term section and deduct the Memo Balance from the account balance. This will be the amount you are required to pay less any expected Financial Aid if applicable.

Prepaid does not adjust on your student account automatically. It is done via a nightly process. If you drop or add a class on the last day of drop/add and do not have a tuition deferment you need to contact the Student Accounting office to verify the amount that you need to pay to avoid a late payment fee for tuition.

Florida Prepaid is not financial aid so it will not be listed on the financial aid award screen in OASIS as a resource.

What if I have Florida Prepaid and Bright Future's?