Student Accounting

Stop Payment Requests

You need to request a Stop Payment on a check for the following reasons:

Check was never received

The check is stale dated (over 90 days old)

Check was lost or destroyed

Stop payments will not be processed until 15 business days from the date the check was issued to you.

All stop payment requests and requests for copies of checks must be requested in writing from the student. To request a stop payment please fill out a separate Stop Payment Request Form for each check you need canceled.

This form can be turned into SVC 1039 on the Tampa campus. You can also fax the form to us at 813-974-3618 or mail it to the address at the bottom of the form. Once it is verified that the original check has not been cashed a new refund will either be mailed to you as a check or sent to your checking account if you have signed up for eDeposit. Checks cannot be picked up. Please make sure your mailing local address on OASIS is updated, as this is the address that checks are sent to. It can take up to 15 business days from when the stop pay is requested before a new refund is issued.