Student Accounting

Programs of Strategic Emphasis Waiver


The Programs of Strategic Emphasis Waiver Program was created by the Florida Legislature and took effect in the Fall 2021 semester. Under this program, resident undergraduate students whose primary major is either one of the eight eligible STEM programs or one of the programs selected for the critical workforce gap analysis category may receive a waiver for portions of their tuition and fees.

This program is often referred to as the "buy-one-get-one"(BOGO) waiver, meaning that for each course for which a student enrolls they receive another course of equal or lesser value at a discount.

To maximize this benefit for students and to ease the administrative burden for schools, the Florida Board of Governors guided schools to apply this waiver as a 50% discount to the tuition and fees for all eligible classes, rather than as a buy-one-get-one discount. This ensures that eligible students enrolled in just one or an uneven number of courses receive a greater benefit.  

Policies for the Programs of Strategic Emphasis Waiver are maintained by the Board of Governors of the State University System,