Professional Training

Undercover Cybercrime Investigations Training (Professional)

Cybercrime and cyber criminals are changing the nature of law enforcement. Today, police officers and investigators are faced with the challenge of keeping up in a rapidly evolving landscape where many crimes are now committed online and where complex technology is used to help facilitate a crime. The Undercover Cybercrime Investigations Training course provides law enforcement officers basic knowledge to understand how cybercrime works, where cybercriminals operate, and most importantly, the ability to conduct undercover cybercrime investigations safely and effectively.

The Undercover Cybercrime Investigations Training course is delivered completely online and facilitated by experts in the field. The course – which is equivalent to forty professional development contact hours – is divided into nine modules that can be worked at your own pace over a four-week period. Students will explore a wide range of topics related to the field:

  • Fundamentals of computer networking and internet technology
  • How the web and email systems work
  • Potential dangers of undercover cybercrime investigations
  • Tips and techniques for protecting your “e-cover” online
  • What a cybercriminal can quickly learn about you if you are not careful

Interactive labs include the following:

  • Establishing your undercover online identities and email accounts
  • Encrypting and decrypting communications and sensitive data with PGP
  • Creating undercover social media accounts
  • Locating hidden data in electronic files
  • Signing up for a Dark Web marketplace using TOR
  • Hiding your location by using a VPN

In addition, learn about new cybercriminal threats:

  • Fundamentals of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin
  • Accessing and navigating the Dark Web
  • Finding criminal activity in underground marketplaces and forums
  • Popular criminal digital communication methods and tools