Academic Journals

American Journal of Criminal Justice
Published since 1975 by the Southern Criminal Justice Association, which is affiliated with the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences. A peer- reviewed journal published by Springer.
Wesley Jennings, PhD, Editor
Audiology Research
Published since 2010 by PAGEPress (Italy). An international, peer-reviewed, open access Journal addressing hearing and balance impairment and audiological and neurological disorders.
Jennifer Lister, PhD, Section Editor
Clinical Gerontologist
Since 1977. An international peer-reviewed journal published quarterly by Routledge Press/Taylor & Francis Group in cooperation with Psychologists in Long Term Care. Addresses the issues commonly found in later life.
Victor Molinari, PhD, Associate Editor
Ear & Hearing
Since 1975. The official journal of the American Auditory Association, published by LWW. Covers all aspects of the assessment, diagnosis, and management of auditory disorders. Peer-reviewed.
Jennifer Lister, PhD, Section Editor
Families in Society: The Journal of Contemporary Social Services
Published since 1920, FIS is the first journal of social work research. Published by SAGE, it as an enduring focus on the art, science, and practice of social work, with specific emphasis on individuals and families and their communities.
Sondra J. Fogel, PhD, Editor
Since 2001. An international peer-reviewed journal published by the International Society for Gerontechnology (Netherlands). Examines the uses of innovative technologies to enable aging–in-place and improving quality of life across the life span.
Bill Kearns, PhD, Associate Editor
Journal of Behavioral Health Services & Research
Since 1972. The official journal of the Association of Behavioral Healthcare Management (ABHM), a section of the National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare (NCCBH). Published by Springer. Focuses on the organization, financing, delivery, and outcomes of behavioral health services. Peer-reviewed.
Bruce Lubotsky Levin, DrPH, Editor
Journal of Crime and Justice
Since 1981. Published by Taylor & Francis, the official publication of the Midwestern Criminal Justice Association. Encompasses a wide array of criminology and criminal justice topics and issues. Peer-reviewed.
Michael Leiber, PhD, Editor
Policing: An International Journal of Police Strategies & Management
Since 1978. Published by Emerald Group (UK). Devoted to the craft, science and practice of police work. Peer-reviewed.
Lori Fridell, PhD, Editor
Topics in Early Childhood Special Education
Published for the Hammill Institute on Disabilities by SAGE. Focuses on information that will improve the lives of young children with special needs and their families.
Lise Fox, PhD, Associate Editor
Trends in Amplification
Published by Sage. The only journal dedicated to publishing original, evidence-based original research and reviews focusing on hearing aids, cochlear implants, and aural rehabilitation.
Theresa Chisolm, PhD, Associate Editor