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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Message to Returning Students (3/20)

Dear USF students,

Welcome back from spring break. So much has happened over the past two weeks that I wanted to take a moment to provide some important information and resources that will help you transition to a remote learning environment and successfully complete the semester.   

Canvas: Your New Classroom

Starting Monday, March 23, through the end of the spring semester, all classes on USF’s three campuses will be taught remotely, using Canvas and other technologies. Please be patient with the process and your professors. They have been working hard to transition their instructional methods and assignments into Canvas with minimal interruption to your learning.

Please log into Canvas now before your classes resume to make sure you have the access you need. If you have issues with Canvas, contact USF Information Technology immediately to allow time for the issue to be resolved. Visit for help.

Take time this weekend to become familiar with your courses on Canvas, how they’re set-up and structured, as well as review any directions from your professors. Email them if you have questions, but please be patient. Your instructors are also adapting to a rapidly changing environment and they are communicating with many other students. When your classes resume, take these steps to ensure academic success:

  1. Sign on to Canvas each morning.
  2. Monitor professor announcements, emails and assignment updates.
  3. Be signed on and ready to learn at your designated class time.
  4. Use the Canvas calendar function to see assignment due dates.
  5. Utilize faculty online office hours to address your concerns and needs.

Microsoft Teams for Collaboration

To allow for greater collaboration for remote learning, USF is making Microsoft Teams and Office 365 available to you as an added benefit. This access requires a change to your USF email address; therefore, beginning March 23, IT will start rolling out new Office 365 email addresses ( for all students, which will become your primary USF address. Although this replaces your USF Gmail address (, your Gmail address will still be available and will forward any messages to your new Office 365 address. For more information about accessing Microsoft Teams, using your new email address (including setting up your phone), and any related questions, visit

Internet Access Via Eduroam

If you live in an area where broadband internet access is difficult, as a USF student, you have access to the national eduroam system. Visit for a map indicating all the eduroam sites in the U.S. If you can get a wifi signal at any of these sites and your device has already been configured for eduroam, it will automatically connect. Otherwise, simply choose the eduroam network.

Student Support Services

Although many facilities on our campuses are closed or operating with minimal staffing, USF continues to offer you essential student support services, including tutoring, advising, IT Help Desk, financial aid, registrar, and more. Visit the Student Toolkit online at to see what is available and how to access these services.

Stay Healthy, Bulls

To finish this semester strong, you need to stay healthy. Please observe the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and practice social distancing. Even if the virus proves not to be a major threat to your health, getting sick could impact your academic success. Student Health Services is open and ready to serve you, in person or remotely. Their contact information is in the Student Toolkit.

Anxiety, social distancing, and the usual end-of-semester stress can take its toll as you hunker down to slow the spread of COVID-19. Our counselors will be available to help you with online resources, therapy, and virtual drop-in groups. Take advantage of these resources; learn more by visiting the links in the Student Toolkit.

Ask for Help

I know that this is a lot of information to digest and act on before Monday. I also know that you are intelligent and resilient. You are a USF Bull, after all! You are capable of taking on remote learning, and I am confident that, by using the resources available to you, you will finish this semester strong. 

This is not the time to keep to yourself if you need help. Use the contacts in the Student Toolkit, your professors, advisors, the Dean of Students, the Student Ombuds, and any other employee of the university to help you.  It is our job to give you every opportunity to succeed, and we are ready to work for you!

Please know that we have been listening to you with regard to class grading options. We understand, we care, and we are ready to take action in addressing your concerns shortly.

I want to sincerely thank you for your patience and flexibility and wish you and your loved ones good health as we navigate this global challenge together.


Paul Dosal, Ph.D.
Vice President for Student Success
University of South Florida 

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Coronavirus Updates

This is an evolving situation. Please refer to the most recent information presented.

USF students, faculty and staff: Please check your USF email frequently. Your email will be used to convey targeted information.

The University of South Florida continues to closely monitor the evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The health and safety of our students, faculty and staff is our highest priority as university leaders work closely with local, state and federal agencies to share the most updated information.