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New Major in Cybersecurity is a First at USF

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New Major in Cybersecurity is a First at USF

The innovative major will help fill a workforce need in a high-demand, high-paying field.

The University of South Florida College of Engineering plans to launch a new major designed to prepare students for careers in one of the country's fastest growing industries – cybersecurity.

The bachelor's in cybersecurity, housed in the college's Department of Computer Science and Engineering, will be the first undergraduate major of its kind at USF.

"With the growth of the Tampa Bay area as technology hub, the cybersecurity major will provide employers with a technical workforce able to protect a company's assets," Dean of the USF College of Engineering Robert H. Bishop said. "Cybercrime shows no signs of slowing down and the high demand for cybersecurity workers, coupled with a limited supply of talent, means that graduates going into the field can earn high salaries performing a variety of jobs."

Experts predict jobs in the cybersecurity industry will grow by nearly 30 percent through 2026, with a reported median salary for information security analysts at more than $95,000, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The anticipated growth, combined with the opportunity for graduates to find high-paying jobs, are the primary reasons behind USF's development of this new degree.

The collaborative major is built on a technical foundation of computing and information technology, while also exploring human behavior, a key factor in how cyber criminals exploit their victims. Students will learn how to ensure online security and protect digital assets, whether it involves personal bank records, state secrets or critical national infrastructures. They will also take courses in business, ethics and policy.

The College of Engineering expects to enroll 50 new students in the cybersecurity major this fall, who will combine with approximately 40 other students transferring in from other programs across the university.

USF already offers master's degree programs in cybersecurity and cybercrime, multiple certificate programs and the Florida Center for Cybersecurity is housed on campus, making USF uniquely positioned as a statewide and national leader in this field.

For more information on the program, including how to apply, click here.