Digital Learning Resources

Accessibility Tools

Ensuring access is not just about compliance, it’s about ensuring digital equity for your students. While accessibility is a broad topic, the following are a few key resources to ensure accessibility within your course. For additional information on accessibility you can also contact the USF Office of Student Accessibility Services as linked below.

Comprehensive Online Accessibility Guide

The following guide provides an overview of common accessibility best practices for documents, images, and multimedia in your online course. Specifically, you will learn how to optimize the accessibility of PDF documents, captioning multimedia, tagging images, and other approaches to provide your students with alternative versions and equitable access.

Canvas Accessibility Checker

Canvas has its own accessibility checker that scans your course in full and provides you with recommendations for optimizing accessibility.

PDF Accessibility Checker

Adobe has created an accessibility checker to verify that your PDF documents can work with assistive devices such as JAWS.

Accessibility Strategy Tools

Providing captions or extra time on quizzes are some basic strategies.

What About Color?

Color is an important consideration when determining the accessibility of your content. Here are a couple of tools to help.