About JWPC


The Jim Walter Partnership Center facilitates collaboration to connect the needs identified by the community with the University resources and expertise through educational tutor/mentoring support, training, and dissemination of knowledge to improve the quality of life for regional and global partners.


JWPC was created in 2004 with a generous endowment and the on-going support of the JWPC family. Today, the Jim Walter Partnership Center is a part of USFs Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships. The JWPC has promoted a wide array of programs linking community needs to academic research opportunities for students and faculty. The Center has developed multiple initiatives in the areas of leadership training, tutor/mentoring, Grassroots disaster training, community based non-profit capacity building, and anti-crime community research. The center is now re-tooling the College Link program to provide a career focus path on public health and other disciplines.

The Jim Walter Partnership Center is a self-sustaining endowed center that derives its support by developing partnerships with private, public, and non-profit community partners. JWPC contributes uniquely to the University's community engagement mission in that, historically, all initiatives, programs, and research are driven by the needs of the community. The center has a strong track record in community based program development and training as well as research and evaluation initiatives requested by the community. These initiatives are supported by a network of community, business, and government partnerships that have been the core of the center's success for the past ten years.