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Lab scene

USF Research & Innovation, Florida High Tech Corridor invest in undergraduate research across USF

Through the newly formed Undergraduate Research Initiative, more than 150 students will receive paid research engagements, training and opportunities to present their work.

November 21, 2022Research and Innovation, Student Success

present near computer

USF faculty experts say inflation, changes in shopping behavior make holiday spending tough to predict

This week traditionally kicks off the holiday shopping season, including Black Friday sales followed by Cyber Monday specials that drive some of the busiest retail activity of the year. But faculty experts from the University of South Florida say it could be difficult to predict what might happen.

November 21, 2022Research and Innovation

Pieces of wood damaged by termites

Termites are key wood decomposers and could play a significant role in future ecosystems

In an international study, USF researchers helped determine that termites are pivotal when it comes to breaking down wood, contributing to the earth's carbon cycle.

November 16, 2022Research and Innovation

shopping cart full of presents

USF faculty experts available for interviews on holiday trends, including shopping and travel

Expectations for the season: travel and toy costs up, COVID-19 could still impact availability of some items.

November 14, 2022Research and Innovation

Digital alibi

New USF patent creates digital alibis

The technology is the first of its kind to create and verify an unforgeable alibi that can be used in a variety of ways, including criminal justice.

November 14, 2022Research and Innovation

Money and arrows pointing up

As midterms approach, USF researchers release findings from Florida public opinion survey regarding impact of inflation

Researchers at the University of South Florida have released results from a statewide survey that measures public opinion on the impact of inflation and attitudes toward government responses to the rising costs of goods and services.

November 1, 2022Research and Innovation

Man uses augmented reality goggles

CAMLS begins to research virtual and augmented reality uses in simulation training

With virtual and augmented reality becoming more prominent, the USF Health Center for Advanced Medical Learning and Simulation is expanding its research efforts to explore the use of virtual and augmented reality in medical simulation training.

November 1, 2022Research and Innovation, USF Health

Norma Alcantar with students in a lab

USF and Florida Inventors Hall of Fame launch new program to inspire next generation of inventors

The program will provide students of all ages with innovative learning opportunities guided by inventor mentors and resources to develop their ideas.

October 26, 2022Research and Innovation

Voting booths

USF researchers release findings from Florida public opinion survey on key midterm issues, approval ratings and future elections

The statewide survey measures public opinion on several key issues heading into the upcoming election, favorability ratings of candidates for governor and U.S. Senate, presidential/gubernatorial job approval, and perceptions of the Democratic and Republican parties.

October 25, 2022Research and Innovation

Cell phone image shows world

Education and physics faculty team up to develop augmented reality simulations to enhance physics education

The National Science Foundation has awarded USF researchers funding to develop simulations that improve students’ understanding and education outcomes in general physics courses.

October 19, 2022Research and Innovation

Divers swim underwater

Warming oceans likely to shrink the viable habitat of many marine animals – but not all

A study from the USF College of Marine Science is the first to drill down into the relationship between oxygen, temperature and the metabolic requirements of vertical migrators, which include billions of marine animals from tiny crustaceans to the jumbo squid.

October 18, 2022Research and Innovation


USF professor to help improve pandemic-induced child behavioral problems through multi-million dollar federal grant

The funding will operate the National Center on Pyramid Model Innovation and allow a national team of faculty to investigate and address behavioral and equity issues in early childhood programs.

October 17, 2022Research and Innovation

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