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Former USF geosciences graduate student Michelle Saunders surveys individuals evacuating during Hurricane Irma in 2017

USF geoscientists deploy to study evacuation behavior ahead of Hurricane Ian

As the Tampa Bay region prepares for Hurricane Ian, a team of researchers is on the road to collect data on how individuals respond in a natural disaster.

September 26, 2022Research and Innovation

Alarm shows cholesterol range

USF professor: Statin use not justified for healthy people with high cholesterol

The research shows LDL alone has “a very weak association” with heart disease and stroke and that when people with high LDL and optimal triglycerides and HDL were given a statin, there was no benefit.

September 19, 2022Research and Innovation


New methodology predicts coronavirus and other infectious disease threats to wildlife

USF study successfully tests a tool that can be used to predict infection risk and disease transmission from wildlife.

September 1, 2022Research and Innovation

Stephen Hesterberg researching oyster reefs

Changes to Florida's climate threaten oyster reefs, USF researchers warn

An interdisciplinary team of scientists documented abrupt changes in Tampa Bay’s estuarine ecosystem and forecasts similar landscape-wide changes in northern locations.

August 29, 2022Research and Innovation

Mark Rains smiling outside with long grass and trees in the background.

Mark Rains

Mark Rains, professor of geology in the USF School of Geosciences and the state’s chief science officer, is using his expertise in hydrological sciences to understand how stakeholders use shared water resources and then as a team, how we might rebuild some of the original water flow paths into Florida's modern landscape.

August 11, 2022University News

Drone photo of the IDEx team at work in the area of the Sanctuary of Asklepios, the Greek god of medicine.

USF researchers use 3D technology to explore an ancient Greek city in Sicily

Thanks to the interdisciplinary work of a team of USF scientists, the ancient Greek city of Heloros, in Sicily, is now being studied with the most advanced digital technologies. The team identified additional structural details of the city, which dates to the eighth century B.C., and is now able to reveal a fuller picture of its layout.

August 10, 2022Honors and Awards

Aedes aegypti vector transmits dengue virus, yellow fever virus, chikungunya virus and Zika virus.

USF researchers launch global dashboard to track invasive mosquitoes carrying deadly diseases

The dashboard is the result of an NSF-funded global research project that started in 2020.

August 2, 2022Research and Innovation

Heather Jenkins lifts up a squid

USF professor discovers new species while part of team studying impact of oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico

Heather Judkins, associate professor of integrative biology on the USF St. Petersburg campus, will continue her studies of cephalopods, such as octopus and squid, as part of a team of scientists aboard the R/V Point Sur for a 12-day research cruise around the Gulf of Mexico.

July 21, 2022Research and Innovation

Graphic that demonstrates man taking a survey

USF and FIU researchers release statewide public opinion survey results, topics include gas prices and social media regulation

The survey, sponsored by the Florida Center for Cybersecurity at USF, addresses how Floridians are being affected by rising gasoline prices and issues related to Elon Musk’s potential purchase of the social media platform Twitter.

July 20, 2022Research and Innovation

Man holds clipboard with survey

USF and FIU researchers release statewide public opinion survey findings, topics include abortion and gun reform

Researcher have released results from a statewide survey aimed at measuring public opinion on a variety of current policy issues. The findings address the recent Supreme Court ruling on abortion, the economy, gun violence/reform and presidential/gubernatorial job approval.

July 12, 2022Research and Innovation

Portrait of Sarah Sheffield

Sarah Sheffield

As an evolutionary paleobiologist, Sarah Sheffield uses fossils dating back 450 million years to understand how organisms have changed through time. “We can take a look at the past, to better understand our present and to better understand our future,” said Sheffield, assistant professor of geology and paleobiology in USF’s School of Geosciences.

July 4, 2022University News

Professional divers were trained to search for phreatic overgrowth on speleothems underwater.

Hidden in caves: Mineral overgrowths reveal unprecedented modern sea-level rise

University of South Florida geology professor discovers the industrial boom’s impact on global warming.

June 30, 2022Research and Innovation

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