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Research Fridays Workshop Series

The Research Fridays Workshop Series with Dr. Basu is designed for freshman, sophomores, and juniors interested in pursuing and preparing for undergraduate research in all academic disciplines.

Research Fridays offer students the opportunity to build a competitive edge by developing knowledge in the following areas:

• Find the match between candidates and research advisors on campus which best fits the student's aspirations and goals
• Design strategies to help students implement their newly created profile as a researcher
• Identify how previous undergraduate research translates to competitiveness for scholarships or fellowships
• Communicate which strategies are most effective for building a competitive scholarship or fellowship application

At the conclusion of the Research Fridays Workshop Series, students will:

• Foster a deeper connection with research activities and advisors on campus, including the STEM academy and Office of Undergraduate Research.
• Craft a meaningful vision plan outlining career goals
• Prepare a mock-application for two competitive awards which they plan on applying for in the following year

The series meets bi-weekly (twice per month) on Fridays. Dates for this workshop series are on the ONS Calendar.