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Recent News

Dr. Brooke Hansen with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Belgrade and Receiving Award from the University of Novi Sad (UNS) in Serbia

In early November, Dr. Brooke Hansen, Director of Sustainable Tourism, met with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Belgrade, Serbia, as part of the U.S. Embassy University Partnership grant. PCGS students Dylan Wilbar and Kaylin Strauch participated in the project through scholarships offered by the grant.

PCGS Students Visiting Jabil Inc. as Part of the Sustainable Business Program

In October, Dr. Pradeep Haldar, PCGS Professor, and PCGS students took part in an exciting visit to Jabil. This field trip was a part of the ESG for Sustainable Business course taught by Dr. Haldar. 

“Laying the Groundwork for ‘Getting to Neutral’ in the State of Florida” Report Featuring PCGS Faculty, Dr. Kebreab Ghebremichael

On November 5th, Dr. Kebreab Ghebremichael, PCGS Associate Professor, presented at the Florida Climate Week organized by the VoLo Foundation. The conference highlighted the Florida Climate Institute’s recently published report “Laying the Groundwork for ‘Getting to Neutral’ in the State of Florida”.

Dr. Joseph Dorsey Awarded the Certificate of Global Contribution at the USF World, Global Excellence Awards

On Thursday, October 20, 2022, USF World hosted the Global Excellence Awards Breakfast. The annual Global Excellence Awards is to recognize the outstanding work of the faculty, staff, administrators, and university organizations and their distinguished contribution to the global reputation of the University of South Florida.

Dr. George Philippidis Mentoring a Team of 7th Grade Students on NASA’s Student Spaceflight Experiments Program

Dr. George Philippidis, PCGS Associate Dean for Research and Director of the Sustainable Energy concentration, is mentoring a team of 7th graders from the Pine View School for the Gifted in Osprey, FL (Sarasota County). 

Fall 2022 Third Global Sustainability Conference

On November 3rd and 4th, the Patel College of Global Sustainability (PCGS) successfully held the Third Global Sustainability Conference, titled "Innovations for Resiliency", which was open to the public.

TD SYNNEX and USF Patel College of Global Sustainability Created a Sustainability Partnership

In October, TD SYNNEX announced a partnership with USF Patel College of Global Sustainability (PCGS) to expand their environmental, social, and governance (ESG) efforts.

Dr. Kebreab Ghebremichael’s Interview on the Sustainable Living show on the 88.5 WMNF Radio Station

On October 10, Dr. Kebreab Ghebremichael, PCGS Associate Professor, appeared on the Sustainable Living show hosted by Kenny Coogan, a PCGS alumnus, and Anni Ellis from the 88.5 WMNF radio station. 

Patel College of Global Sustainability is Now at USF’s Bull Marketplace

On September 7, Dr. Joseph Dorsey, PCGS Associate Dean for Academic Affairs & Director of Food Sustainability and Security, represented the Patel College of Global Sustainability (PCGS) at USF's Bull Marketplace, together with Angela Fama, who is the President of GLOBE and a PCGS Graduate Student.

Dr. Brook Hansen’s Attendance at the International Workshop on Agritourism and the United Nations World Tourism Day Forum

On August 30, Dr. Brooke Hansen, PCGS Director of Sustainable Tourism, was a speaker at the International Workshop on Agritourism (IWA) in Burlington, Vermont, speaking about the development of a sustainable agritourism program in Florida that would feature regenerative agriculture and local food systems.

Dr. George Philippidis’ Interview with Palm Beach Post Newspaper Regarding the Use of E15 Blend as Fuel in Vehicles

In May 2022, Palm Beach Post newspaper interviewed Dr. Philippidis, PCGS Associate Dean for Research & Director of Sustainable Energy, about the use of the E15 blend (15% ethanol, 85% gasoline) as an alternative to the E10 type in vehicles. 

Harvard Rockefeller Fellowship Alumni Reunion’s Evening at USF  

The annual Harvard Rockefeller Fellowship Alumni Reunion was one of the most inspirational and inclusive events ever hosted by the Patel College of Global Sustainability (PCGS). This year's reunion was organized by Dr. T.H. Culhane, PCGS Director of Climate Mitigation and Adaption, and a Harvard Rockefeller Fellowship Alumnus himself.

PCGS Students and Faculty’s Visit to Tampa International Airport (TIA)

Tampa International Airport (TIA) is collaborating with students and faculty from the Patel College of Global Sustainability (PCGS) to evaluate and recommend an implementable plan to transition to sustainable, green, efficient, and renewable energy operations infrastructure at TIA.

Dr. Philippidis interviewed by the Palm Beach Post

In May 2022 Dr. Philippidis was interviewed by the Palm Beach Post newspaper about the use of E15 blend (ethanol-gasoline) as fuel in vehicles. Here is the link to the published article, It was published in the May 15, 2022, issue of this Florida newspaper.


Dr. George Philippidis, PCGS’ Associate Dean for Research, recently received an award from the Greek Diaspora Fellowship Program (GDFP), which is sponsored by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and administered by the Institute of International Education (IIE) that also manages the prestigious Fulbright program.

Dr. Brooke Hansen Consults on Sustainable Tourism Development in Serbia

In June, Dr. Hansen traveled to Serbia to continue consulting work on sustainable development in cultural and heritage tourism with a focus on food and beverage traditions. She and colleague Sir Adam Carmer (USF School of Hospitality and Tourism Management), met with the leading distilleries in the country to explore opening new U.S. markets and creating tourism experiences.

Dean's Congratulations Message

Please join us in congratulating our outstanding Spring 2022 graduates! Our Spring 2022 graduates have earned their Master's degree in Global Sustainability in nine concentrations: Climate Change & Sustainability, Entrepreneurship, Food Sustainability & Security, Sustainable Business, Sustainable Energy, Sustainability Policy, Sustainable Tourism, Sustainable Transportation, and Water Sustainability.

Thank you, Patel Family, for your continuous support of PCGS

Faculty, students and staff of the Patel College of Global Sustainability would like to express their appreciation to the Patel Family for their recent gift! This generous gift will support the College's Summer 2022 programs, enabling the College to offer one of the best graduate degree programs in global sustainability.

Graduate Highlights

Sophia is an M.A. candidate in the Sustainable Tourism program at the Patel College of Global Sustainability. From her time in the program, she has been trained in innovative tourism interpretation technologies like the Matterport 360 3D Camera.

Dean Parayil’s new book published Sustainable Nanotechnology: Strategies, Products, and Applications

Dean Parayil of the Patel College of Global Sustainability recently (co-authored/edited/published) Sustainable Nanotechnology: Strategies, Products, and Applications [ISBN# 978-1-119-64997-7].

PCGS expands its research on Red Tide in partnership with Mote Marine Lab

The Patel College of Global Sustainability (PCGS) is expanding its investigation of means to combat Red Tide, a harmful algae bloom that frequently plagues the southwest Florida coast. Professor George Philippidis and his team join researchers from the Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium to develop technologies that can help mitigate Red Tide to protect Florida’s coastal communities and human health.

Professor Dorsey and PCGS student Kaylea Homiak participate as members of the 2022 Spring cohort of USF I-Corps Fellows

The NSF Innovation Corps (I-Corps) is an effort by the National Science Foundation to assist teams of university scientists and post-doctoral or graduate students to go outside of their laboratories and into the marketplace where they can learn first-hand about entrepreneurship while they explore and validate the commercial landscape surrounding their innovation.

Professor Haldar travels to India to complete the prestigious Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship

Professor Pradeep Haldar from PCGS has traveled to Coimbatore in India to complete his final assignment for his prestigious Fulbright-Nehru Fellowship in April and May of 2022.

Professor Culhane works with PCGS students on a multitude of innovative sustainable projects

Students have completed projects such as “Retrofitting electric golf carts to run on student installed solar panels”, “Research into the construction and use of 3-axes additive manufacturing equipment”, “Eliminating food waste and the need for composting by increasing the surface area to volume ratio through grinding”, “Biodigestion combined with Hugelkultur as a Septic Alternative”, “Self-built aeroponics systems for vertical agriculture” and “hand-made thermosiphon solar hot water system for washing cloth diapers” among others. All are related to “life-testing” the circular economy in our local region.

Florida Gulf Coast Hope Spot Festival Involves PCGS Faculty and Students

On Saturday, Feb. 12, PCGS faculty and students, including GLOBE (PCGS Graduate Student Club), came together to support the Florida Gulf Coast Hope Spot in Dunedin. The Hope Spot is one of Professor Sylvia Earle’s designated regions that highlight conservation, education, and restoration of key global ecosystems.

Professor Culhane continues his diligent engagement with First Nations People

To fulfill his personal and professional goals for fostering life-tested sustainability and justice best practices and especially for righting historical wrongs “from which I have inadvertently benefited because of the privileges afforded me by my appearance and the accident of my birth”, Dr. Culhane continues to expand his sphere of activities among our First Nations peoples and others who were tragically impacted by colonialism, genocide, and enslavement.

Dr. Brooke Hansen: Publications and Grants to Promote Sustainable Development

Dr. Hansen published two articles recently showcasing her work on sustainable tourism, agritourism, virtualization technologies, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The first is based on her work promoting sustainable agritourism expansion in the State of Florida and was published in the Proceedings of the 2021 FoodTreX Food Travel Research Summit by the World Food Travel Association.

Earth Month Events

Florida Blue Health Innovation Challenge

Professor, Dirk Libaers is excited to share the Florida Blue Health Innovation Challenge! PCGS students are welcome to attend the event at the new Morsani College of Medicine facility in downtown Tampa. According to Professor Libaers, this initiative is relevant to the work we do in PCGS. Don't miss out on this exciting event!

Alum Dinner Video

PCGS offers NEW Master of Science Degree

The Patel College of Global Sustainability is pleased to announce the new Master of Science degree now offered in addition to the Master of Arts degree.

President Law Visits Patel College

The Patel College of Global Sustainability had the honor of welcoming President Rhea Law on Tuesday, September 21st for a historic visit. President Law remarked to Dean Govindan Parayil how impressed she was with the college and the efforts in place to not only increase the presence of sustainability on campus but also across the globe.


The Sustainable Development Goals Action Alliance Kicks Off Fall 2021 with 9 PCGS Interns

The SDG Action Alliance, housed at PCGS, is now in its second year as the UN partnership center for USF. The SDG AA welcomes a new group of interns for fall 2021. Continuing interns include Sheila Sullivan (Climate Activism and Plastics Solutions Project Coordinator), Courtney Wright (Social Media and Youth Coordinator), and Tim Penoyer (Social Media and Plastics Solutions Project Coordinator).

Dr. Brooke Hansen attends the Florida Governor's Conference on Tourism

On Wednesday, September 8th through Friday, September 10th, Dr. Brooke Hansen, Director of Sustainable Tourism, had the pleasure of attending the Florida Governor's Conference on Tourism in Hollywood, FL. She was joined by PCGS Sustainable Tourism student Sharon Kemp-Gonzalez.

Dr. George Philippidis' latest publication featured in the journal Bioresource Technology

Please join us in congratulating Dr. George Philippidis for his 10th publication of the year (2021). He and his team of Ph.D. students continue the effort to make PCGS a top research College in sustainable energy and products in the US and around the world.

Alumni Accomplishments


PCGS is delighted to announce the establishment of the Amy & Michael Drake Student Scholarship Fund. The new scholarship is dedicated to supporting the financial needs of students applying for the Master of Science or Master of Arts degrees in Global Sustainability at the college


PCGS is excited to announce the creation of the Elizabeth Moore Fund for Global Sustainability. Elizabeth Moore’s initial gift designates the focused and impactful research at PCGS in support of its vision, which is to encourage the natural interconnections among groups on campus, by addressing ecology, economics, politics, and culture.

Participation Needed for the Big Cleanup Clearwater, Saturday, Oct. 16, 2021

The SDG Action Alliance is seeking volunteers to join us at the Big Cleanup Clearwater on Oct. 16. Organized by SDG Action Alliance intern Sheila Sullivan, the showing of support will make a statement about our commitment to cleaning up our seas and beaches and getting single-use plastics out of the environment in support of SDGs 12 Responsible Consumption and Production, 14 Life Below Water, and 15 Life on Land.

PCGS Students to Present at International Conference: Sannam S4 Annual SDG Conclave 2021

On October 22, 2021, eight PCGS students will present their work on promoting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals at the virtual Sannam S4 Annual SDG Conclave 2021. The conference, held in India joins together university students, scholars, and researchers using the SDGs as a framework to exchange knowledge about impactful projects that will amplify SDG work in India and around the world.

Sustainability Speaker Series Fall 2021

The USF Patel College of Global Sustainability announces the New Elizabeth Moore Fund for Global Sustainability

Amy & Michael Drake Student Scholarship Fund

“The Future of Food” radio session with Dr. Joseph Dorsey – Sustainable Living WMNF 88.5 FM (07/19/2021)


Notable Speakers Include

PCGS is pleased to share the exciting news that our college will be virtually hosting our 2nd Global Conference, titled Global Conference on Resiliency & Sustainability during the Pandemic, next week on April 8th & 9th. This year’s conference will focus on the numerous challenges that organizations have faced during the global pandemic.

LEED GA Workshop

Our annual LEED GA workshop series is being offered to students and alumni next month! This workshop provides an opportunity for our students to earn an important professional environmental credential. The LEED GA workshop will be a four-part series taking place each Wednesday of April at 1:00 PM.

Alumni Highlights

Faculty Highlight

Dr. Brooke Hansen was selected to be a member of the Scientific Committee for the 9th Annual International Conference on Sustainable Development (ICSD) and will be reviewing submissions and moderating sessions for the conference. ICSD is sponsored by the Global Association of Master’s in Development Practice Programs (MDP), in collaboration with the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), and will be held 20-21 September 2021 virtually.

Solve Climate By 2030

Why 2030? The world’s top climate scientists have told us we have a ten-year window to make rapid reductions in the carbon pollution causing global warming in order to hold the warming to the low end of under 3 degrees F. If we don’t, we will severely destabilize the global climate, leading to extreme weather, droughts, floods and sea-level rise that will be increasingly hard for humans to manage.

Dean's Welcome Message

I am delighted to welcome our Spring 2021 incoming students and our returning students to the Patel College of Global Sustainability. We are pleased to be facilitators of an academic environment in which a new generation of global sustainability leaders are trained to take on various sustainability challenges.

PCGS Kicks Off Spring 2021 Speaker Series

On February 3rd, the Spring 2021 Speaker Series will be kicking off with our first speaker, Kelsey Frenkiel. Frenkiel is the program manager for Center for Responsible Travel. Frenkiel will be giving a presentation on food waste in the Tourism Industry.

Dr. Subrata Bandy appointed Director, Sustainable Transportation

Join us in congratulating Dr. Bandy on his appointment as the new director of the sustainable transportation concentration, here at PCGS.

Rosebud….Want to Learn what the buzz is all about??

A new video is now available on YouTube entitled, "Navigating the Food Energy Water Nexus". The video showcases Fall 2020 projects done by Dr. T.H. Culhane's graduate students at Rosebud Continuum.

PCGS Contributes to Sustainability for Super Bowl LV in Tampa

PCGS graduate and Our Climate field organizer Laura Stargel ('20) and Dr. Brooke Hansen have been part of the Sustainability Committee hosting numerous events leading up to the Super Bowl game day, Feb. 7th.

Virtualizing Egmont Key Presentation Series

Dr. Brooke Hansen and Dr. Laura Harrison, USF Access 3D Lab Director, have organized a Virtual Lecture Series funded by the Florida Humanities Council in conjunction with the Egmont Key Alliance and the Florida Public Archaeology Network.

Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council & PCGS Project Update

Warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico are brewing stronger hurricanes greater in frequency and intensity. By November 2020, the list of named storms has moved well into the Greek alphabet.

Dr. Brooke Hansen & the SDG Action Alliance

Dr. Brooke Hansen, Director of Sustainable Tourism and Director of the SDG Action Alliance, has been designated as an Academic Affiliate in the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST) for 2021.

Dr. TH Culhane Hosts National Geographic Webinar

On Tuesday, November 17th at 1:00 pm, Dr. T.H. Culhane hosted a webinar entitled, "Field Learning and Gamification in the Age of Virtual Reality as apart of the National Geographic Learning's Virtual Learning Series.

Dr. Pamela Muller Author's Chapter in New Book

Join us in congratulating our associate faculty, Dr. Pamela Muller, on the release of her new book on coastal issues. The book entitled, “Troubled Waters", features a chapter authored by her.

Dr. Dirk Libaers' Accomplishments of This Semester

Dr. Dirk Libaers, Director, Center for Entrepreneurship, and an associate faculty member of PCGS, has accomplished a great many things this past semester. He has released two articles entitled


Leah Mowery, a graduate student and Coverdell Fellow with PCGS, is currently serving as an Ocean Conservation Intern with Environment Florida to help protect our oceans, wildlife, and wild places.


Bianca Cassouto graduated from PCGS in 2016 and soon after began working at The Everglades Foundation, an environmental non-profit dedicated to protecting and restoring the Everglades through science, advocacy, and education.


Join us in congratulating Renad Uri on taking her next step in their sustainability career! Renad Uri is a current student here at PCGS studying Water Sustainability and Sustainability Studies. She is expected to graduate in 2021.

You Are Invited to Our Spring 2021 Sustainability Speaker Series!!!

Our college is pleased to announce the release of our Spring Sustainability Speaker Series schedule! You are invited to participate in this FREE virtual series! Each event coincides with at least one United Nation's Sustainable Development Goal which can be viewed in the flyer above.

PCGS Celebrates the 10th Anniversary of its first graduating class… Congratulations Class of 2011

Join us in congratulating the Class of 2011 on the 10th anniversary of their graduation. The Class of 2011 is the first graduating class for our college. Every year since then, PCGS has graduated hundreds of new sustainability leaders.

Florida Climate Crisis Statues

The Climate Leadership Engagement Opportunities (CLEO) Institute launched its #FLClimateCrisis Campaign. The CLEO Institute is a nonprofit organization for climate science education. Their #FLClimateCrisis Campaign is meant to bring awareness and educate the public on the rising temperatures in Florida and its consequences.

USF Fastest Rising University

USF is the fastest-growing public university in the United States! Our university has risen over fifty-four slots and is now ranked number forty-six in the country amongst the 209 public universities.

Dr. George Philippidis Receives Florida Red Tide Grant

TAMPA, Oct. 20, 2020 – The Patel College of Global Sustainability (PCGS) joins in the fight to lessen the impacts of Florida red tide, a harmful algae bloom that near-yearly plagues the southwest Florida coast. Dr. George Philippidis joins scientists from the world-renowned Mote Marine Laboratory & Aquarium, based in Sarasota, FL.

Dr. Brooke Hansen Appointed to Super Bowel LV Committee & Officially Named Affiliate Faculty in the USF Department of Women’s and Gender Studies

Dr. Brooke Hansen was recently invited to join the Tampa Bay Super Bowl LV Host Committee's Sustainability Sub-Committee. The Host Committee has joined forces with NFL Green and many other sustainability partners in an effort to amplify greening efforts with the Community Greening Program, one of the many environmental initiatives that will take place alongside Super Bowl LV to be held in Tampa.

Dr. Joseph Dorsey, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Gives TedxTalk

On October 22nd, a TedxTalk featuring our own Dr. Joseph Dorsey was released. Dr. Dorsey is PCGS’ Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Director of the Food Security and Sustainability concentration. His Tedx Talk is entitled "Urban Agriculture and Food Security in the Age of Climate Change" and centers on how climate change and urbanization is affecting agriculture and food security.

Rosebud Continuum Video Produced By Dr. TH Culhane’s Student

A new video was released recently which captures a day at the Rosebud Continuum Sustainability Education Center. The video, produced by one of Dr. TH Culhane’s students, features the Fall 2020 student experiential learning trip for the Navigating the Food Water Nexus course.

Sustainability Speaker Series Spring 2021

Exciting News!!! Our popular sustainability speaker series will continue for Spring of 2021! One of our distinguished speakers will be Mark Sharpe. Sharpe is the Executive Director for the Tampa Bay Innovation Center. The Tampa Bay Innovation Center’s vision is "to serve as the focal point of innovation for the State of Florida and the Tampa Bay Region.

SDG Action Alliance Sustainability Film Series

The SDG Action Alliance is featuring their 3rd film installment of their Sustainability Film Series. On October 22nd, they will be presenting the film Mossville: When Great Trees Fall. The documentary centers on the pollution problems happening in the communities of color in Mossville, Louisiana. It is an award-winning documentary directed by Alexander Glustrom.


Students….Call to Action…..join GLOBE and be a part of the climate change solutions! GLOBE leaders invite all New and Current PCGS and USF students to Join! Take Action TODAY. Globe is hosting their Fall 2020 meetings online. Their next meeting will be Monday, Oct 26th at 5pm.

TBRPC Press release

USF Patel Colleg of Global Sustainability Partners with Muma College of Business For Coca-Cola World without Waste Recycling Challenge

Our college partnered with the College of Business to host a Sustain-A-Bull Challenge to USF with judges from the Coca-Cola Beverage Company. Undergraduate and Graduate students alike entered the challenge. They were tasked to come up with new ways the Coca-Cola company could achieve their World without Waste Recycling Goals.

Completion of Preliminary Research on PACE Program Benefits in Florida

Faculty from the Patel College of Global Sustainability, Professors T.H. Culhane, and Pradeep Haldar, as well as graduate student Zachary Oliphant, recently released a report on the benefits of Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing program in Florida.

PCGS Food-Energy-Water-Nexus Course Student Plastics Project

Graduate students enrolled in Dr. TH Culhane‘s Navigating the Food-EnergyWater-Nexus classes and Research Methodology classes with Dr. Brooke Hansen, are working on a new plastics project this semester. PCGS students Tom Camacho and Folorunso Tosin Esther have been working with Dr. Culhane at the Rosebud Continuum Sustainability Education Center, located in Land O’Lakes, FL.

Student Highlights

Franklin Dureke is an international graduate student majoring in Global Sustainability with a concentration in Sustainable Energy. Along with his graduate studies and research, Franklin is a Patel College of Global Sustainability (PCGS) Graduate Assistant (GA).

Alumni Highlights

Winnie Mulamba is a 2018 PCGS grad from Kenya. She became interested in sustainability because she wanted to help people get the resources that they needed. She saw that the small scale farmers weren’t flourishing.

PCGS Students Conduct Plastic Waste Recycling Project

PCGS students have been exploring the usability of technologies such as 3D printing, robotics, and pyrolysis to recycle plastic waste. Conducted under the supervision of Dr. TH Culhane, their primary starting point was plastic bottle caps usage for 3D printing.

PCGS partners with the Stavros Center to deliver sustainability education to K-12 teachers

In close partnership with USF’s Stavros Center (College of Education), PCGS has been involved in the project “Sustainability Superheroes: Developing Global Citizens for a Sustainable Future”, which is funded by the Coca-Cola Foundation and supported by a USDA grant to the “Southeastern Partnership for Advanced Renewables from Carinata” (SPARC).

USF Patel College of Global Sustainability & Community Partnerships

In addition to partnerships with local cities, counties and municipalities, PCGS also works with corporate partners to help develop new sustainability solutions for businesses.


Welcome Spring 2020 Students

I am delighted to welcome our new students to the Patel College of Global Sustainability at the University of South Florida. At PCGS, we encourage our students to be innovative and to have a thirst for knowledge to become leaders of sustainability.

New Courses at PCGS!

Six Sigma for Sustainability is a new course our college started offering last semester. Six Sigma is a methodology that provides a framework for businesses and organizations..

PCGS & Community Partnerships

After the appointment of the first Sustainability & Resilience director, the State of Florida has been focused on Climate Change’s effects on our coastal communities. Patel College of Global Sustainability at USF is involved in this effort through our partnerships with Florida communities.

Upcoming Events

Please Come & Join Us At Our Upcoming Events!!

Alumni Highlights

Congratulations to Sam Harris, Class of 2020, at his new job with the Green Business Bureau as a Green Ambassador. Harris's position will allow him to take on various roles in areas such as sales, new client engagement, and content creation..

Faculty Highlights

The Center for Urban Transportation Research saw a great deal of success this past year, thanks to Dr. Bertini and his students. In October, he took part in the ITS World Congress in Singapore. During his time there, Bertini was invited to give a guest lecture at TUMCREATE and moderated a discussion entitled..


GLOBE has a busy semester ahead of themselves. They will be tabling with PCGS at the upcoming Florida State Fair. There they plan on showcasing projects and research conducted by PCGS faculty & students. During the event there will be a live crafting and up-cycling session that those in the..

Congratulations to Dr. Philippidis and Dr. Ghebremichael

At a ceremony organized by USF World on November 21, 2019, Dr. George Philippidis was recognized as a Fulbright Scholar and was awarded a Fulbright medal. His Fulbright project consisted of a visit and subsequent partnership with..

Global Sustainability Conference

The Patel College hosted the first Global Sustainability Conference on the Circular Economy at the USF Tampa campus on October 17 & 18, 2019. The conference brought together global sustainability thought leaders and practitioners from academia, industry, government and non-governmental sectors. Keynote speakers from Tesla, Coca-Cola, Mosaic, Bristol Myers..

Congratulations Fall 2019 Graduates!

Please join us in congratulating the graduating class of Fall 2019. This fall, PCGS will graduate 31 students, who will receive their Master of Arts degree in Global Sustainability. Graduates specialize in one of nine concentrations: energy, food, water, transportation, tourism, sustainable business, climate change, entrepreneurship, and sustainable policy.

Faculty Highlights Fall 2019

In September, Dr. Joseph W. Dorsey and PCGS alumna Marian E. Davidove published a research paper titled "Breastfeeding: A Cornerstone of Healthy Sustainable Diets," in the peer-reviewed Journal of Sustainability. The paper focused on breastfeeding’s cultural impact on health and its impact on the environment..

Community Engagement

Global Leaders Outreach for a Better Environment (GLOBE) is a PCGS student organization that brings together environmentally minded individuals to discuss and develop sustainable practices at USF and our community, according to Kiana Sladicki, GLOBE President. GLOBE performs outreach in the Tampa Bay community through..

PCGS presents at the Florida Energy & Climate Summit

Dr. George Philippidis, PCGS Associate Dean of Research and Associate Professor, was invited by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (FDACS) to speak at the Florida Energy & Climate Summit on Oct. 1-3, 2019 in Tampa. Dr. Philippidis participated....

PCGS Student Organization Spotlight

New PCGS student organization, GLOBE, to host Earth Day event at USF!
GLOBE (Global Leaders Outreach for a Better Environment) is a new organization oncampus and this Earth Day event will be their first event!

New Sustainability Courses

New Maymester Workshop & Course: IDS 6938 Applied Heritage & Sustainability Researchat Egmont Key . This 3 credit online course is integrated with the professional development workshopsponsored by the Patel College of Global Sustainability, the Access 3D Lab

Internship Expo Spring 2019

On Thursday March 21st, PCGS held an Internship Expo where students could come andlearn about possible opportunities in their field of interest.

Faculty Research

PCGS and Stavros Center receive grant from the Coca Cola Foundation to help educatorsintegrate sustainability into K-12 curriculum.The Patel College has teamed up with USF’s Stavros Center for Free Enterprise andEconomic Education to win a two-year $200,000 grant from the Coca Cola Foundation.

Dr. George Philippidis Receives USF Award                                                                                                                         

On March 26, PCGS faculty Dr. George Philippidis was honored with an Outstanding FacultyAward for 2019 from the University of South Florida. He was recognized for his Fulbrightaward from the US State Department.

Alum- Career Highlights

Join us in congratulating our alum Rinika Pulupudi on her career success post graduationfrom PCGS. As the Energy & Sustainability Analyst at Sonoma State University, Ranikaserves as the project lead for the implementation and operation of a campus energyinformation system

5th Annual- Spring 2019 Open House

Join us Friday, March 29th @ 11am
Patel Center for Global Solutions
Interested in a career field that challenges you and prepares you for a career insustainability? Join us to learn more about our masters program in global sustainabilityand nine concentration areas at our Spring 2019 open house!

PCGS Students Earn Career Certifications 

One of the Patel College of Global Sustainability's main focuses is student success.PCGS, in conjunction with community partners, is offering workshops sponsored by thecollege. These are to help students earn certifications, which will support theirfuture career success. 

PCGS students co-author peer reviewed article in high-impact journal                                                                         

Two PCGS students, Jeffrey Cox and Bethany Loya, have achieved the high distinction of being co-authors of a peer-reviewed publication. The article is entitled “Study of landfill leachate as a sustainable source of water and nutrients for algal biofuels and bioproducts using the microalga Picochlorum oculatum in a novel scalable bioreactor” and was just published in “Bioresource Technology”, a high-impact journal of renewable energy and biotechnology.

Professor Yen, Visiting PCGS on sabbatical

Dr. Yen is oneof the visiting professors at PCGS from Taiwan. He is currently here on sabbatical from January through July. He is working with faculty on 2019 educational and research topics in sustainability.

Fat Beet Farm

PCGS students and faculty member Dr. Culhane have been working at Fat Beet Farm and many other locations to create hands on food energy, water, nexus education centers. This includes creating the first restaurant scale biodigester and solar hot water canopies for year round operation.

Egmont Key Project

Dr. Hansen teamed up with Dr. Laura Harrison, Director of the Access 3D Lab, and Dr. Antoinette Jackson, Director of the USF Heritage Research Lab, to work with the THPO on innovative and engaging ways to highlight the Seminole experience at Egmont Key through virtual reality and 3D interpretive platforms.

Tabling At Florida State Fair

Dr. Brooke Hansen, Director of Sustainable Tourism, organized a project for PCGS to have an educational booth about sustainability at the Florida State Fair. The fair is one of the biggest tourism events in Tampa, drawing over 500,000 people each year. Over twenty five PCGS students signed up for mini-internships as Sustainability Outreach Educators

PCGS Dean speaks at mayoral forum

Dean Parayil spoke at the Mayoral forum put together by Sierra Club on Wednesday February 20th. Dean Parayil started his opening remarks by letting community members know how important the forum was to him and to the community. "As responsible members of the community, our participation in this forum is an important aspect of our educational and community engagement missions."

Student Feature-Adriana Broome

I'm Adriana Broome, a graduate student at USF Patel College of Global Sustainability. I am completing my MA with a concentration in Coastal Sustainability. I'm currently in Vietnam completing my ACE (Academic Capstone Experience) as an intern here in Ho Chi Minh City and Ninh Thuan, Vietnam.

PCGS represents USF at the European Biomass Conference

Dr. George Philippidis and his graduate student Enlin Lo represented USF-PCGS at the European Biomass Conference & Exhibition (EUBCE) on May 14-18 in Copenhagen, Denmark. The EUBCE is a prestigious annual event that attracts biomass and bioenergy industry and academia leaders from around the world. It is also one of the largest renewable energy conferences globally

Congratulations to our Spring 2018 graduates

The Patel College of Global Sustainability is delighted to announce that 40 students will be graduating this spring semester. This will be the ninth PCGS graduating class. On behalf of the Patel College of Global Sustainability, we wish our graduating class of 2018 the best in their future endeavors! PCGS would like to share highlights of four of our graduating class-Marian Davidove, Morgan Eastman, Victor Rodriguez and Li Zhu.

PCGS Alumni Members Volunteer for Day of Service

January 25, 2018
The newly formed PCGS Alumni Network organized day of volunteer service on January 13, where they put to use what they had learned during their time at PCGS to help their community. On the First Annual PCGS Alumni Network Day of Service, network members collaborated with more than 20 individuals from Temple Terrace Farm2School and USF students at Turner Bartels K-8 School in New Tampa.

Sustainable Organization Spotlight: Temple Terrace Farm 2 School
January 25, 2017
Despite the expansion of gardening in the city of Temple Terrace, there was a noticeable lack of any organization that could dedicate their services and support to building school gardens. Temple Terrace Farm 2 School was formed to fill this gap and empower youth for health and success through hands-on agricultural experiences.

Sustainable Organization Spotlight: Sea Turtle Conservancy
December 7th, 2017
The Sea Turtle Conservancy (STC) is a nonprofit organization based in Gainesville, Florida. Since its founding in 1959, STC has become the most recognized and accomplished sea turtle organization in the world. The organization, having over 50 years of experience in sea turtle conservation, research, and education, raises awareness and advocates for the protection of sea turtles.

USF Partners with City of Dunedin
December 7th, 2017
Starting in Spring of 2018, the USF Office of Community Engagement and Partnerships and the USF Patel College of Global Sustainability (PCGS) will begin a partnership with the City of Dunedin.

USF Federal Credit Union Tree Planting
December 7th, 2017
On November 7, the Patel College of Global Sustainability took part in a tree planting on the University of South Florida Tampa Campus. This tree planting was made possible by a donation from the USF Federal Credit Union to the PCGS Green Initiatives fund. PCGS was pleased to have the opportunity to continue our efforts to green the campus as a part of the Tree Campus USA program.