Current Postdocs

Teaching Support

Although the primary purpose of the postdoctoral scholar experience is to engage in mentored research and/or scholarly training, some postdoctoral scholars may be given teaching assignments as part of their responsibilities, while others may be hired for the express purpose of teaching. Explore the University of South Florida's teaching resources below.

Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning (CITL)

The team at the Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning is committed to providing the support services you need as an educator on any one of USF’s three campuses. CITL is dedicated to facilitating your growth as an instructor and learner. We offer programs and services to energize your career in instruction and research and we support faculty success.

The team at the Center for Innovative Teaching & Learning (CITL) is here to support you by answering any questions you may have and providing the resources you need to succeed as a USF faculty member.

Our goal is broad in scope: We work to collaborate with you and with other thought leaders in academia to innovate our methods of learning in the 21st century. But our approach is personal, and we work to support your individual growth as an instructor and as a learner, helping you build a career at USF that is rewarding for you and life-changing for your students.

Contact CITL at:

Instructional Technology Tools

Digital Learning Resources

The faculty resources page is a centralized repository of tools, tips, and resources to support teaching and learning in a digital environment. Explore the categories on their website for step-by-step guides on a variety of tools available to USF faculty. They will keep you up to date on techniques and best practices for using tools like Kaltura to create and deliver engaging content, to incorporate in-video quizzing, and to utilize auto-captioning. They highlight new features and helpful techniques in Canvas to help your students succeed. They also show you the latest way to communicate and keep students connected in Microsoft Teams. And much more!

USF Faculty Toolkit for Instructional Continuity

This USF Toolkit for Instructional Continuity provides you with the information and resources necessary to support your course delivery if the university pivots to temporary remote instruction or if an individual student is impacted.