Core Commitments


Athletics is tied to the creation of a sense of community and shared experience among students, staff, alumni, supporters, and faculty. Both spectator and participatory sports should continue to be integrated into campus life as an important area of enrichment. USF must promote a proper balance of study and healthy social activities. Athletics is an important partner in the university’s community-building process.

USF Athletics serves as a powerful marketing arm by generating widespread national, regional and local exposure to the university. A strengthened brand and increased recognition of USF Athletics will benefit student enrollment, alumni relations, campus-wide fundraising efforts, school spirit for students, faculty, and staff, and help build connections with the local and regional communities.

In addition to developing champions of sport, USF Athletics is committed to developing champions in the classroom, in the community, and in life. As an example, USF Athletics’ “Enhancing U” program aims to prepare student-athletes for life by providing compassionate support and direction as they develop their purpose, ambitions, and goals through special programming such as our Selmon Mentoring Institute, our Bulls Care program, and our Student-Athlete Leadership Academy.