Core Commitments

Research Support

Research support infrastructure can be broadly defined as resources required by the research community to conduct high-impact, top-level research and scholarship and includes administrative support (e.g., regulatory compliance, contract and award management, data management); major scientific equipment; knowledge-based resources (collections, archives, or information structures); high-performance computing and information technology; and advanced state-of-the-art research buildings and laboratories.

Research support is critical in enabling transformative research and innovation, catalyzing impact on academic fields, local and regional economic development, and providing cutting-edge learning opportunities for current and future generations of students and researchers alike. As a Carnegie classified Very High Research (R1) university, USF has developed a robust research infrastructure that supports high-impact transdisciplinary global research and scholarship across the institution and provides resources for external research partners.

As USF continues on a trajectory of research portfolio growth, innovation, and entrepreneurship, continuous resource investment in institutional research facilities and administration is vital.