Core Commitments

Student Success

Having gained national recognition for its use of predictive analytics and a holistic care management approach, USF will continue to advance our student success movement built on the principle that every student admitted to USF will succeed. By creating an institutional culture of care, USF has achieved extraordinary gains in graduation rates while reducing and, in many cases, eliminating achievement gaps by race, ethnicity, and income. In addition, USF will maintain its position as an innovator in strategies and practices designed to improve student learning outcomes, accelerate completion rates, minimize debt and prepare students for lifelong success in their chosen careers and as citizens.

Moreover, continually enhancing and refining an array of support services—from academic advising to mental and public health to cultural and recreation centers—will provide our students with the tools needed to actualize personal and academic success.

As USF continues its upward trajectory, students will benefit from the fact that USF is a comprehensive multi-campus research university dedicated to the success of its diverse student body. Although the curriculum remains the province of the faculty, our values drive us to provide an environment that contributes to student learning and development within
and beyond the classroom. This includes emphasizing critical thinking, freedom of expression, communication skills, ethical standards and their application, community engagement, and participation in democracy.

USF ensures that students can engage in internships, scientific field, laboratory work, research experiences, service learning, education abroad, and other experiential learning opportunities. These broad experiences are significantly amplified for students participating in the Judy Genshaft Honors College, which provides unique educational experiences to 2,330 students who entered USF in fall 2021 with an average SAT score of 1418 (95th percentile) and an average high school GPA of 4.3.

The USF student experience includes curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular elements. Regardless of which campus they attend, students have the opportunity to engage in vigorous campus life through participation in student government, intramural clubs, organizations, living-learning communities, art exhibitions, musical performances, multicultural events, homecoming, intercollegiate athletic events, recreational activities, and others. Through rigorous and relevant activities, USF students graduate with the skills, experiences, and resilience required to succeed in an increasingly competitive and diverse global market.

Each of USF’s campuses in Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Sarasota-Manatee have unique academic and cultural strengths and provide vibrant, high-quality learning, research, campus life, and community engagement opportunities regardless of which campus they call home. Moreover, students have access to a broader array of degree programs by discipline, level, and mode of delivery.