Core Commitments

Staff Distinction

USF’s staff members are at the heart of the university. The university is committed to excellence for our students, faculty, and staff, reinforced by an inclusive environment where innovation and freedom of intellectual curiosity can flourish. USF drives sustainable results through a high-performing, inclusively diverse, and engaged workforce while integrating an organizational culture USF can leverage as a competitive advantage. USF’s commitment to its staff creates a value proposition where USF is an employer of choice for top talent. USF will continue to differentiate itself by attracting, retaining, engaging, and developing the best talent for the institution. To sustain this momentum, we must:

  • Close gaps to professional growth for current and future talent to achieve a multiplier effect across all our teams and meet the future needs of USF.

  • Build internal leader effectiveness and bench strength by understanding trends such as talent availability and changing demographics in USF’s internal and external communities.

  • Build a culture that accelerates and rewards appropriate risk-taking and a growth mindset.

  • Embrace innovative workplace practices applicable for the nature of work, including technology-enabled flexibility.

  • Become known as a great place to work among current and prospective employees, supporting retention and talent acquisition to feed a virtuous cycle of success.