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Additional Resources

Below are resources available to youth emerging from the Florida DCF system of care. If you are a student from another state and lived in the foster care system during a period in your life, we will help you navigate the benefits from your state. 

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Postsecondary Education Services and Support (PESS)
PESS is a state program designed to financially support former foster youth. Depending on certain circumstances, eligible foster youth can receive a monthly payment of $1,256. This monthly payment is to support housing and utility needs while attending postsecondary education. Learn more

Educational and Training Vouchers (ETV)
The ETV program was designed to financially support current and former foster youth. ETVs are grants awarded to foster youth to support their college expenses. Students can receive up to $5,000 per academic year based on certain qualifications. Learn more

Healthcare Coverage
Former foster youth have access to free Medicaid after they turn 18 and until they turn 26 years of age. Employment and education status do not impact your eligibility for free Medicaid. Learn more