Resource Management & Development (RMD)

Business Office


The RMD Business Office is responsible for fiscal support services to all departments within SASS. UCO and USF Purchasing have many rules and policies, but our fiscal team ensures SASS departments are able to stay in compliance with USF guidelines. The RMD Business Office provides the following services to you:

The RMD Business Office is dedicated to providing the best customer service to you. Please email us with any questions.


Evan Itle                                              Jenna Lillquist
Associate Director                               Fiscal & Business Manager                           
Simone Scott                                      Dana Moser
Fiscal & Business Analyst                    Fiscal & Business Analyst                      
Priest Price                                         Shawna Buck
Fiscal & Business Specialist                Data Analyst                      
Angela Banks                                     Sandy Bachtel
Fiscal & Business Specialist                Fiscal & Business Specialist                   
Lavern Whyte-Downing                      Kelly Wood 
Fiscal & Business Specialist                 Fiscal & Business Specialist                    
Ricardo Umana-Cuellar
Fiscal & Business Specialist