Resource Management & Development

Business Office

The Student Success Business Office is responsible for fiscal support services to all departments within the unit. UCO and USF Purchasing have many rules and policies, but our fiscal team ensures our departments are able to stay in compliance with USF guidelines. The Business Office provides the following services to you:

  • Oversight and Maintenance of Departmental Budgets
  • Processing of Deposits/Accounts Receivables
  • Processing of Accounts Payable
  • Processing of Pcard Expenses and Pcard Statements
  • Purchasing (as needed)
  • Contract Management
  • Departmental, Cash, Payroll, and Foundation Reconciliations
  • Ad Hoc Reporting/Projections/Expense Analysis vs Budget
  • Processing of Workflows
  • Accountable Officer Designee for Departments
  • Compliance and Liaison with Central Fiscal Offices
  • Revenue Agreements - Internal and External Vendors

The Student Success Business Office is dedicated to providing the best customer service to you. Please email us with any questions.




Jenna Lillquist                                                   Ricardo Umana- Cuellar 
Director                                                                Associate Director                                        
Dana Moser                                                       David Santora
Mgr. Fiscal & Business Admin.                         Fiscal & Business Analyst                              
Chennetta Kernodle                                       Ujalla Sial
Fiscal & Business Analyst                                 Fiscal & Business Analyst                                  
Lavern Whyte-Downing                                  Angela Banks                                        
Sr. Fiscal & Business Specialist                         Sr. Fiscal & Business Specialist                                                                                        
Joan Faull                                                           Kyle Lewis Wadsworth                  
Fiscal & Business Specialist                              Fiscal & Business Specialist                                                                  

Kelly Connell                                                     VACANT
Fiscal & Business Specialist                              Fiscal & Business Specialist                                         

VACANT                                                              VACANT
Fiscal & Business Specialist                              Fiscal & Business Analyst