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Student Success RMD Travel functions as a one-stop shop for all departmental and employee travel-related functions. USF Central Travel has many rules and policies, but our travel department keeps abreast of all changes to ensure travelers stay in compliance with USF guidelines. RMD Travel provides the following services to you:

  • Travel Requests – Employee and Candidate
  • Travel Expense Reports
  • Travel Compliance
  • Liaison with USF Central Travel
  • Travel Reporting
  • Post Travel Authorizations and Exemptions

As a reminder, the following are a few travel tips to ensure your travel goes smoothly:

  • Email all travel requests, receipts, and questions to
  • Travel Request (TR) must be fully approved prior to incurring any travel related expenses.
  • Pcards cannot be used for travel related food.
  • All travel related receipts incurred during travel dates must be submitted within three business days from the last date of travel.

RMD Travel is dedicated to providing the best customer service to you. Please email us with any questions.




VACANT                             Donna Pontenero
Travel Specialist                Fiscal & Business Specialist