Marshall Study Center

Study Tips

Don't survive finals, THRIVE!
Manage Time with the Intense Study Session

  1. Set a Goal (1‐2 min) - Decide what you want to accomplish in your study session.
  2. Study with Focus (30‐50 min) - Interact with material; organize, concept map, summarize, process, re‐read, fill‐in notes, reflect, etc.
  3. Reward Yourself (10‐15 min) - Take a break by calling a friend, playing a short game, or getting a snack.
  4. Review (5 min) - Go over what you just studied.


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Try these tips to help manage stress:

Take a quick break in the Wellness Center
Located on the 1st floor, the Wellness Center's goal is to help you adopt a well-balanced lifestyle. Meet with a registered dietitian, get a blood pressure screening, check your height, weight, and BMI, pick up free condoms, get a free chair massage and gather information on a variety of health and wellness topics. They're goal is to help you adopt a balanced lifestyle and connect you with professionals who support different aspects of your well-being.