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Assess your Purposeful Wellness

Are you living a life with purpose?  Are your beliefs and values in line with your lifestyle?  Living a purposeful life is a personal matter that can involve pondering the meaning of life for ourselves and practicing tolerance of others and their beliefs. It includes taking time for yourself as well as helping others.

Read the following statements and answer to yourself how much each statement reflects you.

  1. I take time to think about what's important in life and who I am, what I value, where I fit in, and where I am going.
  2. I have found a balance between meeting my needs and those of others.
  3. I engage in acts of caring and goodwill without expecting something in return.
  4. I sympathize/empathize with those who are suffering and try to help them through difficult times.
  5. My values are true priorities in my life and are reflected in my actions.
  6. I feel connected to something larger than myself (e.g., supreme being, nature, connectedness of all living things, humanity, community).
  7. I feel like my life has purpose and meaning.
  8. My actions reflect my beliefs and values.
  9. I am able to find inner peace with myself even through the most chaotic of times.
  10. I spend time alone to think (meditate) when life gets too hectic.

If you answer “sometimes,” “rarely,” or “never” for any of the statements, there is room for improvement. You can check out these campus resources for help. 

I am interested in...

1. Meditation Through Nature

Nature can help us relax and calm us, especially if a big test is coming up. Here are some places you can relax and recharge.

2. Mindfulness

Want to relax more and feel more at peace. We could all use more tranquility in our lives. Below you can find out how to relax your body and control your thoughts through Guided Relaxation, and learn more about mindfulness with All it Takes is 10 Minutes or What is Mindfulness?

3. Religious And Spiritual Life

Want to connect more with your spiritual side? Don't know where to practice your faith? Look no further. At USF campus ministries you can connect with others with the same beliefs, go to services, and much more!

4. Undergraduate Majors 

Before you can take command of the career you desire, you need to pick a major. Choosing a major can be difficult, and students often change their major throughout college. Understanding what majors best suit you is a great place to start. Below are some resources that can help you do so.


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