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Adventure Trip Registration

Outdoor Recreation takes students on adventure trips throughout the year. The ORC is the place to sign up in person for adventure trips, get gear ready for a trip, and have pre-trip meetings in preparation for the activities. Online sign up is also available for adventure trips.

Bike & Skateboard Repair

The Outdoor Resource Center bike shop provides a free and low cost repair and maintenance service for personal bicycles. If the bicycle is in need of replacement parts, the ORC sells some of the parts that are usually required at low prices. Students can also bring parts in from the store and have the ORC staff install them. The ORC employees are more than willing to help students with their bike repair needs, as well as teach a thing or two about bike repairs. For students who already know how to make the repairs, but do not have the correct tools, the ORC allows students to come in with their bike and use the tools to make repairs and adjustments on their own. Come visit the ORC with your bike today!

Items Available for Purchase in the ORC: Brake Pads, Foot Pedals, Shifter Cables, Brake Cables, Headlights, Rear Lights, U-Locks, Tire Tubes, Tube Patches, and more!

Bike & Skateboard Repair

Outdoor Resource Center Main Desk
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Equipment Rentals

The ORC has a variety of camping and outdoor equipment available for rental at very low costs. Tents range from small two person backing packing tents to large six person car camping tents. Tents are not the only thing in stock, so if you need a stove, cooking equipment, sleeping pads, sleeping bags, lanterns, backpacks, headlamps, flashlights, mess kits, or anything else, come visit the staff in the ORC. Click here to view the complete rental item listing and rental rates.

Trip Planning

Have ever wanted to go on a trip, but just not had the resources? The ORC is the place to visit! The Outdoor Recreation staff can help you plan your own trip by renting you equipment, giving suggestions and advice, and providing helpful resources. If you want to backpack, kayak, white water raft, or just go on a day hike, the ORC can help. Learn more about Custom Adventure Trips here.

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