Sports Programs


Donations to the USF Foundation may be tax-deductible.

Credit Card
Search for the Sport Clubs Foundation Fund

  1. Click Here to visit the USF Foundation donation site
  2. Click on "Search for a specific USF Fund"
  3. Place a check mark next to "590045 USF Sport Clubs Fund"
  4. The screen should now show the following above the search bar:  sports clubs foundation fund
  5. Select the gift amount and frequency you would like to provide
  6. Select "Add this gift."
  7. Scroll to the next section and complete the credit card billing information
  8. Other information
    • In the "Share your Bulls Pride with Us" space, please provide the club(s) you are supporting with your gift. If you do not, this gift will be used for general club funding in support of all clubs. 
  9. Click Give Now to finish

Make out the check to the "USF Foundation" and put the club's name in the memo line. Mail the check to:

Club Name
c/o A&S Business Office
4202 E. Fowler Ave, MSC 4300
Tampa, FL 33620

Non-Cash Gifts examples:

  • Gifts of service (free scuba tank inspections)
  • Items (ex. t-shirts, equipment, food, etc.).

Contact the Sports Programs Office for more information!

Cash will not be accepted by the USF Foundation.