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All of our personal training sessions are one hour in length. Our personal trainers are certified through one of the top national certification agencies such as ACSM, NSCA, ACE or NASM. Many of our trainers also have a degree in the field of Exercise Science or are currently pursuing their degree in such a field. Sign up for personal training at any of our fitness facilities.


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Individual Training Packages

Commit to be fit with one of our affordable personal training packages. Most packages include everything you need to begin your fitness journey including a fitness assessment.

Non-members will not be required to purchase a RecWell Membership to participate in PT Sessions.

Sessions Students Members Non-Members
4 $140 $170 $195
8 $235 $285 $310
12 $290 $365 $390
20 $435 $490 $515

12 & 20-session packages are eligible for payroll deduction for USF faculty & staff members.

Buddy Training Packages

Want to train with a friend? Choose one of our Buddy Training Packages!

Sessions Students Members
8 $155 $190
12 $190 $225

The price listed is for each person.

Personal Training Clients

New Personal Training Clients

Step 1: Complete the online New Client Registration form. You must complete this before you purchase your sessions online. 

  • New clients must submit the online form that includes a health history questionnaire.
    • Clients will receive an email within three (3) business days confirming that they are clear for physical activity or if a physician’s clearance is needed.
  • Only once the new client is cleared they may then proceed to Step 2 below.
  • If a physician’s clearance is needed, you must download the form here and have a primary care physician complete and follow the directions for submitting to Campus Recreation.
    • NOTE: Your physician’s office must email or fax the completed form directly to Campus Recreation on your behalf. We will not accept forms directly from clients.

Step 2: Click here to purchase your Personal Training Package(s)

  • New clients will not be paired with a certified personal trainer until after payment has been made.
  • A personal trainer will contact you within 3-4 business days of payment being made online to schedule your initial consultation which includes a body composition analysis, fitness assessment, and goal setting. 

Personal Training Client Renewal

Step 1: Click here to purchase your Personal Training Package(s)

  • Your trainer will be notified that you have purchased additional sessions. Your purchase must be made before scheduling your next session

Fitness Tests

Fitness Test

Body Composition Testing

Clients will have a choice between a three-site skin fold measurement is taken with calipers or a body composition analysis via the InBody 570 to determine the amount of lean body mass versus the amount of fat body mass. The measurements are compared to ACSM recommended measurements. Personal Trainers provide general guidelines for how to improve body composition.

Want to have a Body Composition Test done? Sign up here! 

Students Members
$10 $12

Fitness Assessment

A complete assessment of baseline measurements to determine current fitness level and identify training needs and modalities. Measurements include heart rate, blood pressure, body composition, waist-to-hip ratio, cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance and strength, and flexibility.

Want to have a Fitness Assessment done? Sign up here! 

Students Members
$25 $30

Payroll Deduction is now available for personal training!

Faculty and staff can now purchase personal training packages through payroll deduction. A valid Recreation & Wellness Membership (also eligible for payroll deduction) is required. For more information regarding payroll deduction for personal training, please contact Celina Rosales at or by calling (813) 974-4445. 

Meet the Personal Trainers here!

Personal Trainer

Interested in becoming a Personal Trainer?

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