Meet Your Instructors

Annika Larson


Environmental Science & Policy

Schwinn Cycling Instructor

Favorite Exercise:
Romanian Deadlift

Fun Fact About Me:
Built a 12’ wooden paddleboard from scratch, announced the Yankees starting lineup on national television when I was 14, and I am from Connecticut!

Cassidy Thimmer


Civil and Environmental Engineering

Certifications: Schwinn Spin Instructor, ARC Lifeguarding Instructor

Favorite Exercise: Roller Skating

Fun Fact About Me: I own three cats, and I sow in my free time.

Hannah Pancoast


Degree/Major: N/A

Certifications: N/A

Favorite Exercise: N/A

Fun Fact About Me: N/A

Janet Slavick


Degree/Major: Criminology

Certifications: Schwinn Cycle, Barre Connect, Yogafit Level 1

Favorite Exercise: Cycle

Fun Fact About Me: I love listening to hype music, I love the Harry Potter movies, and I have a stuffed giraffe collection.

Jorden Irby

Jorden Irby

Degree/Major: Electrical Engineering

Certifications: AFAA GFIT Instructor, Zumba Basic I Instructor, CPR/First Aid

Favorite Exercise: Burpees/Swimming

Fun Fact About Me: Violin & piano performer, Theatre & Broadway fanatic, Soca & 70s/80s music lover, hiking & nature adventurer, and a rice & beans addict!

Lucie Valdov


Biomedical Sciences

AFFA-Group Fitness Instructor, CPR Certified

Favorite Exercise
Deadlift or Reverse Crunches

Fun Fact About Me
I enjoy working out, hanging out with friends, meeting new people, as well as new experiences!

Michelle Rodriguez


Communication Science and Disorders

Zumba, ACE

Favorite Exercise

Fun Fact About Me
I collect sneakers, love doing karaoke, and refurbishing old furniture!

Sayona Jose

Sayona Jose

Biomedical Sciences and Psychology

Schwinn Certified Cycle Instructor

Favorite Exercise
Group Fitness Cycle Class

Fun Fact About Me
 If I could only have one food for the rest of my life... it would definitely be sushi! I’ll be starting medical school this July, and I’m always down to watch a Golden State Warriors basketball game.

Simone Billington


Degree/Major: Biomedical Sciences

Certifications: AFFA Group Fitness Instructor, CPR Certified

Favorite Exercise: Anything for abs!

Fun Fact About Me: If I'm not at the gym, I'm traveling, hanging out with friends, or buying more plants for my apartment!

Sarah Jones



Certifications: CPR Certified

Favorite Exercise: If I had to choose, it would be movement of your body in general! Movement is more than just "exercise" — it affects everything!

Fun Fact About Me:
I am a fighter, dreamer, part fish, free spirit. I am high on life and enjoying the journey! I have also been training in Mixed Martial Arts for 19 years!

Anna Grace Futch

Anna Grace

Integrated Public Relations and Advertising | Minor in Mass Communications

Certifications: BARRE ABOVE

Favorite Exercise: Running, Cycling, Barre, HIIT

Fun Fact About Me:
I love the colors pink and green. Big Tay Swift fan!

JilliAnn Berendes



Certifications: 200 Hr Yoga RYT

Favorite Exercise: Vinyasa Yoga

Fun Fact About Me: I believe yoga is for everyone!

Juliana Torres

Juliana Camargo Torres

Finance (BS) | Philosophy (BA)

Certifications: AFAA Group Fitness Instructor

Favorite Exercise: Squat Cleans

Fun Fact About Me: Some fun facts about me is that I am from Colombia. The love of my life and 2nd future husband is the one and only Maluma. I love stand-up comedy and I run on coffee. Also I believe it is completely and utterly unacceptable to put anything in coffee.

Megan Stacey


Environmental Science

Certifications: Cycle

Favorite Exercise: Cycling

Fun Fact About Me: I’m obsessed with candles, plants, my air fryer, and coffee!

Katie Kitay


Language, Speech and Hearing Science

Certifications: NASM Group Fitness, CPR Certified

Favorite Exercise: Curtsy Lunges

Fun Fact About Me: I danced for 16 years, I play guitar and piano, and I love watching hockey and football!

Anna Boeder



Certifications: Cycle

Favorite Exercise: Front Squats

Fun Fact About Me: I enjoy hiking, St. Pete sunsets & skimboarding. I’m a Pisces :) Also I make some bomb banana bread!

Devyn Bulger


Nursing (BS)

Certifications: Schwinn Cycle Instructor

Favorite Exercise: Romanian Deadlifts

Fun Fact About Me: I love going to the beach, playing golf, and working out! I also enjoy trying new places to eat in Tampa, especially Mexican or Italian food!

Emma Hastings

Emma H

Pre-Med Biology

Certifications: NASM Group Fitness

Favorite Exercise: Ab Workouts!

Fun Fact About Me: I’m from Wisconsin!

Sophia Lauro


Health Science (BS)

Certifications: HIIT, Bootcamp, and TRX

Favorite Exercise: Renegade Rows

Fun Fact About Me: Huge foodie especially noodles and sushi, lover of old school R&B, and the outdoors!

Diane Fakhre


Cell and Molecular Biology

Certifications: Schwinn Cycling Instructor

Favorite Exercise: Hip Thrusts

Fun Fact About Me: I love playing sports, going to the beach, and doing literally anything outdoors. I was also raised in the Caribbean!

Emma Chiarelli



Certifications: N/A

Favorite Exercise: N/A

Fun Fact About Me: N/A

Moriah Jones

Moriah Jones

Dance Major

Certifications: Mat Pilates, Reformer Pilates

Favorite Exercise: Planking

Fun Fact About Me: I have danced for 15 years and I love to choreograph. I love dogs. Cacti are my favorite plant. Lastly, chocolate is always a win.

Lily Smith

Lily Smith

Psychology (BA)

Certifications: 200 Hr RYT 

Favorite Exercise: Sun Salutation A

Fun Fact About Me: I love to travel and hope to visit all the national parks one day, I’m from West Palm Beach, Florida, and my favorite color is orange!

Gianna Gentile


Language, Speech, and Hearing Sciences

Certifications: Cycle

Favorite Exercise: Yoga or Cycling

Fun Fact About Me: I love to knit and read. I’m never seen without lipstick on. I have 40+ plants in my dorm room. I have three on campus jobs, if you see me around say hey!

Haley Nairn

Haley Nairn

Biomedical Sciences

Certifications: Schwinn Cycle Certification

Favorite Exercise: Shoulder Taps in Plank

Fun Fact About Me: Snorkeling junkie & ramen connoisseur!

Alexis Hundley

Alexis Hundley

Doctor of Physical Therapy

Certifications: ACE Group Fitness, ACE Personal Trainer, 200 Hr Yoga RYT, TurboKick, & PiYo

Favorite Exercise: Bulgarian Split Squat

Fun Fact About Me: I'm a proud fur-mom to my cat and pitbull puppy, and in undergrad I biked across the state of Ohio 3 times to raise money for Childrens Miracle Network Hospitals!