Meet the Personal Trainers

Paige Glossop


Exercise Science

Certification: NASM CPT

Favorite Exercise: Squats

Training Philosophy: I believe in creating a positive workout environment for everyone. I want to help each client achieve their own individual goals by tailoring to their specific needs and wants. I hope to encourage and motivate my clients to keep working towards their goals while having a positive mindset throughout the process. If you believe in yourself and enjoy the process, anything is possible.

Fun Fact About Me: Im a big Chicago Cubs fan, I love to watch The Office and Gilmore Girls, and I love dogs!

Joelle Santos



Certification: NASM CPT

Favorite Exercise: Power Clean/Squat Clean

Training Philosophy: With discipline there is a next alternative. A hectic lifestyle can set a person back from prioritizing wellness. As a trainer, it is my focus to make sure the client understands that they can have time for themselves despite feeling they can’t or do not want to. To execute discipline, the client and I remind ourselves of what we are thankful for today.

Fun Fact About Me: I a Dominican who enjoys dancing, breakfast, and traveling!

Sophia Hallenback


Biological Health Sciences (Major) & Nutrition (Minor)

Certification: NASM CPT

Favorite Exercise: Lunges

Training Philosophy: I believe fitness is restoring to both the mind and body! My goal is for my clients to reach their health and fitness goals with an optimistic mindset so they can gain a new confidence. I ensure my clients never feel judged; I push my clients in the most uplifting and encouraging way possible!

Fun Fact About Me: I love stand up paddleboarding (which I offer lessons for too!), the beach, and I play both the cello and the ukulele!

McKenna Moore


Health Sciences (BS)

Certification: NASM CPT

Favorite Exercise: Leg Press

Training Philosophy: My training philosophy is that whatever you are doing, it should be enjoyable for you. If you are participating in a form of exercise that you enjoy doing, it will be much easier to continue doing it.

Fun Fact About Me: I like to paint my nails, read, try out new forms of exercise (I have recently gotten into boxing!), and of course spend time with my dogs!

Kayleigh Soler


Psychology (Major) & Entrepreneurship (Minor)

Certification: NASM CPT

Favorite Exercise: Clean and Jerk

Training Philosophy: I want to introduce clients to concepts like consistency, discipline, and patience when training that not only apply in the gym, but in life. After working with me, my clients will be able to effectively train on their own with confidence and without it feeling like a chore!

Fun Fact About Me: I did cheerleading, olympic lifting, and pole vaulting. I have two dogs, and I love reality shows!

Marco Hanna


Biomedical Sciences

Certification: NASM CPT

Favorite Exercise: Heavy Deadlift

Training Philosophy: I believe that one of the most important aspects to training is the results that follow. There are many factors that come into play when it comes to seeing progress or getting results. As a trainer, my goal is to make sure the training aspect for a client's goals is maximized and taken care of.

Fun Fact About Me: I did weightlifting in high school, and now I am a powerlifter! I also used to play competitive table tennis and I love playing/watching soccer!

Lance Ladia



Certification: NASM CPT

Favorite Exercise: Bench Press

Training Philosophy: Gym training that is purposeful will always be consistent and employ the concept of progressive overload, as well as adequate nutrition and recovery.

Fun Fact About Me: Before I got into lifting weights, I loved playing basketball!