Meet the Personal Trainers


John Kranendonk


Degree/Major:  Physical Education/Exercise Science

Certification: NASM CPT, USAW

Favorite Exercise: Clean & Jerk/Snatch

Training Philosophy:  I believe that consistency is key in building a solid foundation. With patience comes results, and with results comes satisfaction. Staying disciplined and keeping yourself in check is the beginning in reaching the goal you desire, no matter what task you are striving towards.

Fun Fact About Me: I can play six different instruments.


Lily Schneider


Degree/Major:  Health Sciences (Major), Nutrition (Minor)

Certification:  NASM CPT, AdaptX Adaptive Fitness Coach

Favorite Exercise:  Jump Squats

Training Philosophy: My goal is for my clients to feel happier, healthier, and stronger in their bodies and to help them achieve their goals, no matter how big or small they may be. I want to help my clients build a supportive foundation for their fitness goals and give them the confidence they need to keep pushing their limits and achieve their goals with a smile on their face.

Fun Fact About Me: Beach bum, loves hiking, middle child (you know how it be), Adam Sandler movie fan, science nerd.


Vishwa Patel


Degree/Major: Nursing (Major)

Certification: NASM CPT

Favorite Exercise: Bench Press

Training Philosophy: I believe that exercise should be enjoyable, effective, and efficient. My training philosophy revolves around the concept of progressive overload. I like to customize workouts to be as enjoyable as possible to clients, but they will always become increasingly challenging. I want to get my clients the results that will help them to walk around the gym confidently and look forward to their workouts.

Fun Fact About Me: I've been a vegetarian my whole life & I grew up speaking 2 languages!


Justice Bailey


Degree/Major: Exercise Science

Certification: NASM CPT & CNC, CSCS

Favorite Exercise: Leg Press

Training Philosophy: My training philosophy centers around enjoying the workout while challenging my clients. I want to incorporate exercises that translate to real-world activities and tailor the program to what my client enjoys doing.

Fun Fact About Me: I own a snake. I want to live on a farm. I didn't start lifting weights until I turned 21


Ian Murray


Degree/Major: Economics

Certification: NASM CPT

Favorite Exercise: Landmine Chest Press

Training Philosophy: Any progress is good progress! As a trainer, I want to help people be proud of themselves for any progress they have made, while also feeling excited to do even better. I think fundamentally the goal of fitness is to be happy with oneself, and I am passionate about sharing what I know with other people and giving practical information that will serve them in the future. My favorite quote relating to fitness is "The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is now".

Fun Fact About Me: My hobbies are hiking, paddleboarding, and playing basketball. I really enjoy looking at artwork, photography and outdoor murals. I absolutely love spicy food!


Hsin Pwint San


Degree/Major: Master of Science/Finance

Certification: NASM CPT

Favorite Exercise: Running

Training Philosophy: The foundation of a happy life is fitness, which brings mental and physical health, the basic key for success.

Fun Fact About Me: Owns over 30 plants, Very spiritual (can help with meditation & stress control), love water activities, animals, plants and crystals.


Paige Glossop


Degree/Major: Exercise Science

Certification: NASM CPT

Favorite Exercise: Squats

Training Philosophy: I believe in creating a positive workout environment for everyone. I want to help each client achieve their own individual goals by tailoring to their specific needs and wants. I hope to encourage and motivate my clients to keep working towards their goals while having a positive mindset throughout the process. If you believe in yourself and enjoy the process, anything is possible.

Fun Fact About Me: Im a big Chicago Cubs fan, I love to watch The Office and Gilmore Girls, and I love dogs!


Matthew Nichols


Degree/Major: Exercise Science

Certification: NASM CPT

Favorite Exercise: Heavy Squat

Training Philosophy: My training philosophy is simple, and it is that training is simply a small piece of a big puzzle. In order to maximize performance and truly get the most out of the training session, the multiple aspects of recovery & overall wellness need to be addressed and focused on. Therefore, the goal of training specifically is to maximize that one small piece of the big puzzle.

Fun Fact About Me: I love powerlifting! I also was in my past a big video game nerd, and still have that in me. I also enjoy the overall concept of achieving "wellness". 


Darien Steele


Degree/Major: Electrical Engineering

Certification: NASM CPT

Favorite Exercise: Seated Leg Press

Training Philosophy: I truly believe that any goal can be met with the right mindset, patience, and dedication. Making sure that the fitness and training environment remains exciting, positive, and challenging is one of the most important things to me as a trainer. Sharing knowledge and empowering experiences with each person that I work with is what I strive to accomplish. Creating a program based on your personal goals, preferences and enjoyment is incredibly important to me. Having an enjoyable experience while working towards your goals is so important because success is most definitely a journey, not a destination!

Fun Fact About Me: I've been playing soccer for 18 years, I have a sneaker shopping addiction, and I have an obsession with trying new coffee!


Jordan Nealy


Degree/Major: Public Health

Certification: NASM CPT

Favorite Exercise: Elevated Lunges

Training Philosophy: Holistic health. I focus on all aspects to a person’s well being rather than just the gym training and setting small goals so the little wins keep motivation to get to the bigger picture.

Fun Fact About Me: I love writing stories and watching documentaries!


Joelle Santos


Degree/Major: Pre-Medicine

Certification: NASM CPT

Favorite Exercise: Power Clean/Squat Clean

Training Philosophy: With discipline there is a next alternative. A hectic lifestyle can set a person back from prioritizing wellness. As a trainer, it is my focus to make sure the client understands that they can have time for themselves despite feeling they can’t or do not want to. To execute discipline, the client and I remind ourselves of what we are thankful for today.

Fun Fact About Me: I a Dominican who enjoys dancing, breakfast, and travel.