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Hours of operation (Monday - friday)

Days Closed: Dec 2, 2022


12 PM - 5 PM
Tuesday 11 AM - 12:30 PM & 2:30 PM - 5 PM
Wednesday 12 PM - 5 PM
Thursday 12 PM - 3 PM
Friday Closed
Note: The Athletic Training Clinic will be closed on University Holidays. Schedule is subject to change and anyone with appointments will be notified in advanced.
Level 2 Services are from 4 - 5 PM on Monday – Thursday and 1:30 - 2:30 PM on Friday, unless you have made arrangements with the AT through email.


There will be two options for scheduling an initial and follow-up appointments with the USF Recreation & Wellness Athletic Trainer:

  1. Please follow the online form directions below to be scheduled properly (click here for example):
    1. Click on This Link To Fill Out the Appointment Request Form 

    2. Fill out all required information
    3. Under the "Reason for Appointment", please select "Other"
    4. Select "Tampa Campus Recreation – Athletic Trainer" as the preferred location for appointment
    5. For the "Reason for Appointment", please specify the injury or body part that is troubling you
    6. If you have insurance, please fill out the additional information requested
    7. Select a time and preferred method of communication
    8. Press "Submit Form" when the form is completed
  2. All USF Students needing an initial evaluation with the Athletic Trainer will be required to schedule an appointment through the USF Student Health Services (SHS) Call Center, at (813) 974-2331
    1. Call SHS at the provided number if you need to immediately schedule an appointment

If the student has not been seen at USF Student Health Services (SHS) or with the Athletic Trainer before, then the student will need to be registered by using the form or on the phone.

Insurance information will be collected, and the student will be informed of the following fees below:

Charges (level 1)

Initial Evaluation $30
Out-Of-Network Insurance | No Insurance


Follow-Up Appointment(s)


Levels of service

Level 1 Service:

This service allows for a student to have an individual appointment to be evaluated by the Athletic Trainer, and also allows for therapy to be provided. After the initial evaluation, the AT could recommend to continue Level 1 Service or recommend a step down to Level 2 Service.  All students receiving this level of service requires an appointment to be scheduled through the USF Student Health Services (SHS) Call Center at (813) 974-2331, or through the online form. The charge for Level 1 Services is stated above. 

Examples of Level 1 Service:

  • Manual Therapy such as Cupping, IASTM, or Massage
  • Modality Therapy such as STIM, Ultrasound, etc.

Level 2 Service:

This service provides supervised group treatments up to five (5) students. This level of service does not require an appointment in Epic but does require to have had an initial individual evaluation prior to starting Level 2 Service. The group supervision service should be documented on each student in Epic as a document only note. 

There is no charge for this service.

Examples of Level 2 Service:

  • Planned Rehab exercises
  • Ice/Heat etc.

For Concussion Baseline testing, please email with a time and date you are available. 

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