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Assess your Social Wellness

How connected are you with others? Having strong social connections can help us during difficult times and make life more fun and meaningful.  It involves having positive relationships, communicating effectively, feeling respected and being respectful.

Read the following statements and answer to yourself how much each statement reflects you.

  1. I consciously and continually try to work on behaviors or attitudes that have caused problems in my interactions with others.
  2. In my dating or sexual relationships, I choose partner(s) who respect my wants, needs, and choices.
  3. I feel supported and respected in my close relationships.
  4. I communicate effectively with others, share my views and listen to those of others.
  5. I consider the feelings of others and do not act in hurtful/selfish ways.
  6. I try to see good in my friends and do whatever I can to support them.
  7. I participate in a wide variety of social activities and find opportunities to form new relationships.
  8. I surround myself with friends that have a positive influence on my life.
  9. My friends will come to my aid when I am in need.
  10. I am comfortable talking to other students I do not know particularly well.

If you answer “sometimes,” “rarely,” or “never” for any of the statements, there is room for improvement. You can check out these campus resources for help. 

I am interested in...

1. Activities and Events at USF

There is so much to do at USF! Go to a football game! Go to a yoga class! Find out what's going on at the Marshall Student Center! 

2. Conflict Resolution

Roommate bugging you? Before pulling out your hair, read up on these insightful tips.

3. Consent

Consent is an important aspect in healthy relationships. It is important to understand how to gain consent and how to help others that are in abusive relationships.

4. Getting Involved at USF 

Being a USF student is great, but how can you get more involved with the USF community? How can you contribute to what makes USF so unique and diverse?! Get involved! The links below are great places to start. 

5. Healthy Relationships

Find out how you can improve your relationships and gain tips on how to be a more effective communicator.

6. How to Help the Community

Do you want to help the USF community? Here are a couple of options. 

7. Explore Your Strengths

Ever wondered how your personality and strengths impact your relationships with friends? Want to develop a plan to improve your leadership skills? Get connected with a Success and Wellness Coach to explore your strengths and discover how you can use them to thrive socially (and otherwise!) while you are here at USF and beyond.


Self-Assessment provided by:
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