About Us



The Academic Success Center (ASC), a diverse peer-to-peer collective in collaboration with the USF community, provides learning services, fosters intellectual independence, and cultivates professional development in support of student engagement and successful academic persistence.


The ASC, a centralized learning support hub for students, directly contributes to student success by: Remaining committed to a learner-centered environment by offering a broad range of services that respect diverse talents and ways of learning. Cultivating interpersonal skills through an atmosphere that embraces student-to-student collaboration and engagement. Creating partnerships across the university community to enrich students' educational experience. Promoting practical competence and lifelong learning through professional development opportunities. Exploring and adopting innovative learning technologies. Developing ongoing assessment processes to inform planning and decision-making.

Code of Ethics

Philosophy: I will act in the best interest of all students, supporting the mission of USF and of the ASC.

Responsibility: I will take responsibility for my behavior and work to productively resolve conflicts.

Integrity: I will follow the USF Academic Honor Code, always promoting accuracy, honesty, and truthfulness.

Respect for individual differences: I will respect the diversity of ALL people, and I will not use my position to impose or impart my beliefs.

Excellence: I will strive for excellence by continuing to improve my job knowledge, skills, and abilities; by remaining open to constructive feedback; and, by seeking assistance as needed.

Professionalism: I will always remember that I am a mentor and will conduct myself in a responsible manner. I will not take on a role for which I am not qualified. I will be punctual, maintain accurate records, and keep confidential any information to which I have access. I will uphold professional relationships within the ASC.