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Campus Assignment FAQs

Admissions-Related Questions

I received an offer of admission to a different campus. Why did I not receive admission to my first-choice campus?

In some majors, there are more applications from admissible candidates than there are spaces available. Applicants who meet the admission criteria and apply after the priority deadline may be admitted to a different USF campus that still has spaces available and offers the declared major.

If I didn’t get into the campus I want, can I apply for a different semester?

Students may request an up to one year deferment through the Office of Admissions.

Does each campus have different requirements for admission?

Admission requirements for USF are the same across all three campuses. However, students who apply by the priority application deadline generally have a higher chance of acceptance, particularly for their preferred campus.

Am I able to switch to my preferred campus? If so, when?

Students have the option to change their home campus after enrollment at their assigned home campus and a certain waiting period. Students admitted to summer or fall may elect to change their home campus for spring.

For example, if you are admitted to summer, you may switch your home campus for spring of the following year*. Students work with their academic advisors located on the preferred campus to request a change of campus.

*Changing your home campus or choosing to take courses on a different campus does not void your Housing Agreement. See the Housing Section for more information.

Now that I am admitted, am I allowed to change my major? What if my new major is not offered on the campus to which I am admitted?

Students who wish to change their major after admission will need to meet with their academic advisor. If the new major is not offered at their assigned campus, they can request a change of both campus and major, space permitting.

If I am admitted to a different campus and later decide it is not for me, are there penalties for canceling or not accepting admission at this time?

There are no penalties for canceling admission, except the forfeiture of the admission deposit, if applicable. You can decide not to accept the offer and may choose to apply before the priority deadline to a future semester.

Campus Experience Questions

I want to learn more about each of the USF campuses, specifically about activities and student life. What are the differences, and where can I learn more?

USF has numerous resources to assist students in learning about our campuses and student life.

Virtual and on-campus tours 

Campus events

Tampa campus 

St. Petersburg campus 

Sarasota-Manatee campus 

Learn more about student life at each campus.

Can I participate in student organizations, athletics or events at any campus?

Yes, you can participate in any USF organization on any campus regardless of your home campus. Please contact the individual organization for more information on their criteria.

Housing Questions

Can I live on one campus and take classes at a different one?

Yes, you may take classes at any campus regardless which campus you call home. You will want to consider commute time and parking when you build your schedule.

I plan to live in USF housing. Will my housing contract transfer or will it be canceled if I switch to a different campus after the fall semester? What about my meal plan?

Changing your home campus or choosing to take courses on a different campus does not void your Housing Agreement. Please review the 2023-24 Fall-Spring Academic Year Housing Agreement.

If you want to live on a different campus and have a fall/spring academic year Housing Agreement, you will need to request a cancellation in your Housing Portal and apply for housing at the campus you want to move to. Please understand there will likely be very few openings for spring semester. If there is not a space available on the campus you want to live on, it does not void your Housing Agreement. If you are not able to secure a space on the other campus, your Housing Agreement for your original campus remains in place.

  • Excerpt from Housing Agreement: 2.i. Cancellation Request Due to Campus Change (Tampa/St. Petersburg): Student may submit a request for Cancellation along with proof of an active Agreement for the equivalent term for the campus to which they are transferring (destination campus). Any Student submitting a Cancellation request after the University’s add/drop period (5:01 p.m. EST of the first Friday of the semester) will be considered for a Cancellation at the start of the Spring semester. If the Student is transitioning to a USF residence hall in Tampa in the Spring and moves out of their current assignment at the end of the Fall term, then the Student shall be released from the Agreement at the conclusion of the term without penalty when both of the following conditions are met: (1) a current housing Application and requirements have been submitted to the destination Housing Department within 3 business days of the approved Cancellation request and (2) the Student assumes Occupancy of the assigned space at the destination location.

Meal plans can be used on any campus. Moving from one campus housing location to a different campus housing location does not void your Meal Plan Agreement. All fall meal plan selections will automatically renew as the meal plan selection for the spring semester. Failure to review the spring student tuition bill does not constitute grounds for refund or cancellation. You may change your meal plan selection for the spring semester by filling out the meal plan change form by the end of the meal plan change period. This change is subject to approval by USF Dining. 

What housing options exist on each campus?

The Tampa and St. Petersburg campuses offer on-campus housing. The Sarasota-Manatee campus's residence hall will open Fall 2024. Please visit USF’s Housing and Residential Education website for more information and to learn about our many options, from apartments to suites, as well as our Residential Community Programs and Living-Learning Communities:

Tampa Campus Housing & Residential Education 

Sarasota-Manatee Campus Housing & Residential Education 

St. Petersburg Campus Housing & Residential Education 

Onboarding Questions

Can I complete Orientation at a different campus if I plan to attend there in the spring?

You must complete Orientation for your assigned home campus. If you’ve been admitted to the St. Petersburg campus, for example, you must complete the St. Petersburg campus Orientation.

Are immunization requirements the same across all three campuses?

Yes, immunization requirements are the same for all USF campuses. To learn more about what is required and how to satisfy your requirements, visit the Student Health Services website.

Would I meet with an academic advisor at my preferred campus to schedule my classes if I plan to change campuses later?

Students will meet with an advisor at their assigned campus. For example, if you are assigned to the St. Petersburg campus, you will meet with an academic advisor on the St. Petersburg campus. If a student changes to a different campus, a new advisor at that campus will be assigned.

Financial Questions

Do any/all scholarships/grants received apply to the campus I am now assigned to?

Freshmen Admissions Scholarships are available to qualified admitted students regardless of the campus students attend. Scholarships are also transferable between campuses if you change campuses at a later date.

Scholarships are awarded on a funds-available basis. Students must complete their application by the priority deadline listed on the Freshmen Admissions Scholarships to be considered.

Will tuition/fees stay the same regardless of the campus I attend?

There are slight differences in tuition and fees at each of the USF campuses. Tuition and fee information is updated annually and can be found on the USF Controller’s Office website.

Tuition and fee information