Cost of Attendance

Fellowships and Grants

There are many different opportunities for graduate students to obtain funding for graduate education. These can be classified into three areas:

  • National Scholarships, Fellowships and Grants: These are funds that are awarded by national, regional, or private agencies to individual graduate students. A number of these opportunities can be found through the Office of Graduate Studies Funding for Research page. In addition, a number of opportunities can be found through the USF's Scholarships, Research Fellowships and Financial Aid page. You also can visit the Office of National Scholars website.
  • College, Department or Program Scholarships and Fellowships: These funds are available to USF students and can be searched via the USF Scholarship Database. Students are also encouraged to review their specific college website. 
  • USF Office of Graduate Studies Scholarships and Fellowships: Some of these fellowships are only available to students through nominations by their Program/Department, while others are available by direct submission from students who meet the outlined eligibility requirements. It is important to note that funding for the fellowships is limited, and the competition for the awards is substantial. To be considered for specific awards, it is critical to submit a complete application prior to the stated deadline.

USF Office of Graduate Studies Scholarships and Fellowships

  • Ann Winch Fellowship
  • Dissertation Completion Fellowship
  • Genshaft Family Doctoral Fellowship
  • Graduate Student Success
  • Kreplick Graduate Fellowship
  • McKnight Doctoral Fellowship
  • McNair Doctoral Fellowship
  • Presidential Doctoral Fellowship
  • USF Signature Research Doctoral Fellowship

Additional Opportunities NOT Administered by the Office of Graduate Studies

  • Kosove Graduate Fellowship