Graduate certificates provide additional certified training after only 15 hours of study. Graduate certificate admission and completion forms and information can be found on the graduate certificates website.


Students in the Comparative Literary Studies Certificate Program take core courses in research, bibliography, approaches to critical theory, and develop a comparative study, part of which is often grounded in literature or rhetoric. The certificate culminates with an individualized comparative course (directed study) that allows students to engage in the practice of comparative research and results in a research paper, possibly publishable, on an aspect of the focus area(s) of inquiry.

Through a thematic or conceptual cluster of five graduate-level courses in two disciplines, students can explore how different national literatures are interconnected, and/or how different literatures relate contextually and culturally to other disciplines, such as art, music, history, psychology, philosophy, politics, among others.


The USF English department welcomes applications from students who wish to develop their skills as poets and writers of fiction and non-fiction. The Creative Writing Certificate Program provides a structured learning environment and supportive atmosphere for students who do not wish to pursue a traditional graduate degree in English. The program is also open to all USF students currently seeking the MA and PhD in English or related fields, and who wish to gain a certified concentration in creative writing.


The Professional and Technical Communication Certificate Program combines workplace writing theory and practice with an emphasis on contemporary multi-media communication technologies. The certificate program helps working professionals to strengthen their workplace writing skills, gain experience working with communication technologies, and prepare for careers or advancement as professional writers or professionals who write. It also provides the opportunity for students from all graduate programs to broaden their research and teaching agendas as they prepare for a competitive job market in English studies.

While we encourage applications, space in the program is limited. Applications will be reviewed by the certificate coordinator.