Undergraduate Research

Feminist Digital Humanities Lab

The Feminist Digital Humanities Lab is a collaboration between Kristin Allukian, PhD, a graduate student, and three undergraduate students on the Suffrage Postcard Project, a feminist digital humanities project that explores the relationship between the Golden Age of postcards, technology, masculinity, and the suffrage movement. Using a CREATTE grant from the University of South Florida's Office of Undergraduate Research, Professor Allukian trains a graduate research assistant to supervise undergraduate research assistants in conducting primary research. The collaboration is non-hierarchal; each team member is encouraged to challenge, re-envision, and implement best practices. In a laboratory setting, the team uses Omeka, a digital archive platform, to analyze how feminist digital humanities practices engender new visual historical narratives of masculinity and how the visual rhetoric of gender, as depicted in postcards, contributed to the suffrage debate.

The undergraduate students present their research at USF's Undergraduate Research Colloquium. The graduate students present their research at a national conference. Most recently, our graduate student won a top prize for his presentation at the Humanities, Arts, Science, and Technology Alliance and Collaboratory (HASTAC) conference, which hosts an interdisciplinary member community of 13,000+ humanists, artists, social scientists, scientists, and technologists that are changing the way academics teach and learn by sharing tools, research, insights, pedagogy, methods, and projects—including digital humanities and other born-digital scholarship.