Prospective Graduate Students

Prospective Graduate Students

Why should I choose the University of South Florida?

  • USF English offers three degrees (MA, MFA, PhD) and multiple graduate certificates.
  • USF English students participate in a broad range of teaching, administrative, and research opportunities.
  • USF English faculty are award-winning scholars who work one-on-one with students.
  • USF English offers internships preparing students for a variety of careers, both within and outside of academia.
  • USF English is located in the vibrant and diverse tri-city area of Tampa, St. Petersburg, Sarasota, Florida.

What does a USF English graduate degree cost?

  • USF English offers comprehensive funding for MAs, MFAs, and PhDs.
  • USF English graduate assistants take three classes per semester covered by tuition remission.
  • USF English graduate assistants teach two classes (or the equivalent) per semester paid by the stipend.

What do USF English graduate students do with their degrees?

  • USF English PhD graduates become faculty members at universities and colleges across the country.
  • USF English MA graduates are accepted to top-ranked PhD programs.
  • USF English MFA graduates pursue careers in non-academic fields and college/university teaching (usually with significant publications).
  • All USF English graduates are mentored for a wide range of academic and non-academic positions.

How can I submit an effective application?

When are applications due?

To be considered, applications are due January 1st. USF English admits one graduate cohort each year in the fall. Admissions committees meet in January to review applications and usually make Graduate Assistantship (GA) offers by February.

USF English allows non-degree seeking students to take graduate classes (dependent on course availability and faculty approval); please contact the graduate director for more information.