The Department of English offers internships for Tampa-based, degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students. The internships consist of supervised work-and-learning experience under the direction of a university faculty member and an employee of a participating sponsor organization. Local Tampa Bay businesses and organizations sponsoring students direct and counsel the intern in an on-the-job context.

The internship is an option for all students in the English and professional and technical communication majors. Internships may be available to qualified non-majors with program and department approval.

What to expect:

  • Enrollment in the internship course:
    • ENC 4940 (undergraduate)
    • ENG 6926 (graduate)
  • Readings and research related to the current job market and discussions concerning workplace issues
  • Meetings with the faculty advisor of your internship course (usually 3 times during the term)
  • Submitting status reports throughout the term
  • Completing either a professional portfolio or for PTC students add materials to your existing professional portfolio
  • Being evaluated twice by your immediate internship supervisor (at mid-term and end-of-term)