Get Started

Begin the application process well in advance of the semester in which you wish to participate in the internship program. As a general rule, you should complete the first step of this application process by mid-term of the semester immediately preceding the anticipated semester for your internship experience.


At least eight weeks prior to the start of your anticipated internship semester, schedule an appointment with a Department of English undergraduate advisor to discuss your degree program and to verify your qualifications for the internship opportunity.

Undergraduates should also discuss internship opportunities with the director of undergraduate studies.


Graduate students should discuss internship opportunities with the director of graduate studies.

All Students

Following your meeting with your advisor or the appropriate faculty member, send an email to your Internship Coordinator, and schedule a conference.

Internship Coordinator (PTC)
Dr. Michael L Shuman

Internship Coordinator (Literary Studies)
Dr. Jessica Cook

Prior to your scheduled conference with the internship coordinator, complete and email the internship application form.

  • During your conference, you should be prepared to:
    • Discuss your completed internship application form
    • Present a hard-copy of your professional resume
    • Discuss your academic work to date
    • Outline your professional career goals
    • Ask any questions you might have about the ENC 4940 internship class or the graduate independent study class

The internship coordinator will match you with a suitable internship sponsor based upon faculty recommendations and your academic background and career goals and will connect you with the sponsoring organization.

Schedule an interview with your internship sponsor.

  • In advance of your interview, you should plan to:
    • Become acquainted with your sponsor's business and work culture by reviewing available websites, publications, and other local business resources
    • Update your professional resume
    • Treat your interview as you would any other real-world employment interview
    • Following your successful interview with your sponsor organization, contact Dr. Shuman and make arrangements to sign an internship work agreement form outlining specific terms of your work and deliverables for your internship experience
    • Following final department approval of your internship work agreement form, you will receive a permit to register for the ENC 4940 internship class or independent study class
    • You must register for the course online through OASIS prior to the first week of class