Graduate Internship


While many graduate students are aiming for academic careers, USF English offers opportunities to explore a world of career possibilities outside of the university. Our robust internship program places graduate students in large corporations, small companies, and an array of non-profits within the Tampa Bay region. Remote internship opportunities are also available.

The goal of a graduate internship is to learn how to translate academic skills academia to non-academic careers. During a semester, students work 10 hours per week for an employer/mentor who introduces them to the many tasks, skills, and expectations associated with a particular position or career field. By participating in the day-to-day activities of the internship, students gain valuable insight, practical knowledge, and key resources to help them understand the array of career options after they graduate from USF.

In addition, graduate internship students take a concurrent course with the graduate director in which they reflects on the work they are doing, conduct informational interviews with other potential employers, and create an assortment of documents (resume/job letters) to prepare for their future careers.

Arrange an Internship

MA and MFA students are introduced to internship possibilities in the Introduction to Graduate Studies course and PhD students are encouraged to apply anytime during their program. With the help of the graduate director, students are encouraged to find their own internships (although numerous opportunities are also routinely offered); students, therefore, should speak with the graduate director one semester prior to the potential start of the internship to discuss possibilities.

Intern Experiences