Study Abroad

Image shows a london skyline during sunset with a river in the foreground. Over the image large, white, scripted text says "Experience" and underneath, in smaller, sans-serif, white capital letters, it says "USF English in London, Summer 2019"

Education Abroad offers a variety of study abroad opportunities for students and faculty in over 25 countries. Programs range from one week to one year and award academic credit. For English majors, the most popular programs have been the Summer in London and full terms in Exeter.

Our majors have also studied in places like Northern Ireland, Florence, Barcelona, and Japan, and they routinely reflect on these experiences as some of their best at USF. Your time abroad intersects with the study of literature as you encounter the places you've read about, with creative writing as you build new experiences to influence your future creations, and with professional writing as you expand your global competency. They also can contribute to additional opportunities offered through USF, including the Global Citizen Award and the Peace Corps Prep Program.

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