We're proud of our interns!

Here are profiles of a few students who currently are serving as interns with companies and organizations in the Tampa Bay area. The diversity of backgrounds and interests demonstrates the scope of The Department of English Internship Program.


My name is Robert Browning, and I am a former USF student in English Literature that returned two years ago to change my degree to the Professional Writing, Rhetoric & Technology track. After spending over a decade at the same place of employment, I realized that my career path had plateaued; even if I were promoted to the upper levels there, I would still be falling short of my potential. I made the decision to return to college and have spent most of that time driving myself to make the most of the second chance I have been given. I am proud to say that I expect to graduate USF with a 4.0 GPA (fingers crossed) and plan to go to Graduate School to obtain an M.A. in Technical Communication.

While I plan to further establish myself in the world of corporate writing, I would also like to eventually segue into teaching English Literature and Composition online at the university level. Non-traditional students definitely value the flexibility of online courses; I encourage others to confront any failures in his or her life head-on. It is certainly never too late for a fresh start and any mistakes in your past are merely learning opportunities, if you let them be.

My current internship is with Conversa, a new start-up company in the Tampa Bay area. Conversa manages public relations, online media, and documentation needs for a variety of clients. They have already done work for Pfizer, the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the Florida Chamber of Commerce. It is exciting to get to be a part of this nascent company on the rise, and I welcome the opportunity that the USF English Department Internship program offers. Since my resume shows that I have worked at the same company for nearly a decade and a half, I am eternally grateful for the chance to add a bit more diversity to it!


My name is Shirley Cid. I am a senior seeking a B.A. in Psychology and Professional Writing.

After completing my undergrad degree, I would love to travel to Spain as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant. After my year teaching Spanish students and learning about the Spanish education system, I would like to be admitted into either USF's or UF's School Psychology PhD program. Ideally, I will be able to conduct research cross-culturally and find methods that will improve the American education system for all students. It would be amazing if I could work with teachers, helping them construct engaging and empowering classroom curriculums. I would also love to benefit at-risk students as well as the LGBT community with my research.

I want to encourage future Hispanic, first generation, college students to strive towards happiness. I believe that by doing what will make me happy and sharing my story, I can achieve this goal.

My internship consists of working under the guidance of Dr. Moxley, to develop a new website My Campus. This new website will showcase exemplary undergrad writing and be a companion to the Writing Commons one.


My name is Paola Rivera. I am a senior pursuing a B.A. in English Professional Writing, Rhetoric and Technology and minors in Women and Gender Studies and Environmental Science.

After graduation I plan to begin working for a publishing, marketing, or graphic design company as a technical writer or graphics designer. Once I have acquired sufficient experience I would love to return to the university culture and pursue an M.A. in Women and Gender Studies. My goal is to become a professor in the field of English, Women and Gender Studies, or Interdisciplinary Sciences.

My internship is being sponsored by Bisk Education. Bisk Education is a developer of learning management systems for various universities in the United States. At Bisk I work as a technical writing intern drawing up documents that are consistent with company policy and that facilitate communication among different production groups within the company.


I am Donna Walker, a senior pursing a B.A. in Creative Writing. After completing my undergraduate degree, I would like to attend The Denver Institute of Editing. As current Managing Editor for thread, USF's undergraduate literary journal, I like working with a team to produce a collection of excellent writing.  After attending The Denver Institute, I hope to be accepted into USF's MFA program to specialize in Creative Non-Fiction. I am fascinated by how my own experiences shapes the way I view the world. By recording true events happening in our world and then exploring meaning through words, I believe I join in a long line of writers recording history in unique, creative forms. My long term goal is to become a full time writer.

My internship consists of working under the direction of Dr. Sellers at Saw Palm: Florida Literature and Arts, USF's graduate literary journal. I explore new ways to increase subscriptions to Saw Palm through innovative ideas as well as contacting key audiences to increase its subscription base.