Internship Interview: Meghan Hutton

Meghan Hutton,

Headshot of Meghan hutton smiling into the camera

Ghostwriting internship

This Spring, I had the opportunity do an internship with the ghostwriter Jodi Lipper. Through this internship, I got to see the other side of the book writing process and played a role in the collaborative efforts it takes for a book to reach publication. Ghostwriting makes it possible for many people who may not have been able to, for various reasons, get their stories told. Because of the nature of this career, the work done in this internship is dependent on what stage of the writing process each book project is on. Throughout the course of the semester, I had the opportunity to work on four different projects, all at different stages. From the earliest stages of research to final edits, this internship gave me the opportunity to learn more about ghostwriting and the world of publishing.